Effective Pest Services has been protecting Northern Colorado against pest threats of all kinds since 2011. We are the local experts in commercial and residential pest management solutions. As a family-owned company with more than 12 years of experience working for all major Pest control companies, we understand the importance and concerns of our clients in this area. We’re here to give you the peace of mind you deserve with tailored services that meet your unique needs.

What Makes Effective Pest Services Different?

– Locally owned and operated
– Fair price
– Licensed and trained technicians
– Technicians with cleared background checks
– Products all tested and approved by the EPA
– Estimates available in writing
– Year-round treatment
– 100% Guaranteed service
– No charge re-services if needed

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family and environment. Get the protection you need and peace of mind you deserve with Effective Pest Services. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee!

Why Choose Us for Professional Pest Control?

We’ve made a commitment to provide environmentally safe, efficient and effective solutions against pests in the areas we serve. We are locally owned and have earned our time-honored reputation by:
– Employing only fully licensed and trained technicians
– Ensuring the safety of children and pets with safe application methods
– Using extermination practices that are environmentally responsible
– Offering cost effective and competitive pricing with free estimates
Best of all, you can expect guaranteed satisfaction with our professional pest control warranty program for as long as you maintain regular service with us, excluding one-time services. Call Effective Pest Services for professional pest control services for homes and businesses at (303)529-9620.

Effective Pest Services – Professional Tips:

– Exclude pests by sealing up cracks and gaps around your home’s exterior, foundation, pipes, wires entering the siding, windows, and doors.
– Change your exterior lights from mercury vapor bulbs to sodium vapor bulbs. This will reduce the attractiveness of your home to insects and impact the number of predators that feed on them such as spiders.
– Replace old or damage door sweeps to ensure a good seal.
– Don’t leave uncovered food sitting out.
– Never allow pet food to sit overnight – it attracts pests.
– Maintain a clutter-free yard and garage; eliminate debris such as piles of wood, stones, bricks or any other loose material. These debris piles provide an excellent environment for many pests.
– Store food in proper containers.
– Keep shrubs and trees pruned to be 7-12 inches away from the home and 4-6 inches up off the ground to discourage nesting and to remove easy access to walls and windows.
– Use plants that naturally repel pests like marigolds, rosemary, and lavender.
– When landscaping, avoid materials that may break down (wood), or that provide nooks and crannies where pests can harbor. Remember to buy and locate large plants and trees based on their adult size, not where they look good when first planted.
– Don’t wait for a full infestation before calling a specialist.
– Keep window wells free from clutter like leaves and trash that may blow in and accumulate.
– Keep gutters clean and flowing to prevent standing water that can provide habitat for mosquitoes.

Friends & Family Referral Program

Effective Pest Services owes much of our growth every year to the wonderful referrals that we receive from our customers. We are proud that these referrals are a reflection of our customers’ high level of satisfaction. To say thank you for your referrals, we are giving referring customers discounted service!

If you refer a customer who signs up for our Year Round Protection Plan, you’ll receive a $40 credit towards your next service, your friend or family member will also receive $40 off their initial service, and Effective Pest Services will gain a new valued customer.

It’s a win for everyone!

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