Rodent Exclusion

Effective Pest Services is a trusted ally against pests we have been serving the community with quality and affordable pest control services for over 10 years. Effective Pest Services has been protecting Northern Colorado locals from all manner of pests and offer rodent exclusion services to help you better protect your Northern Colorado home or business from their destructive nature and potential health risks. We prioritize the safety of our valued clients and do everything we can to help. With the training, experience, and skills to eliminate these pests along with expertise to identify potential problems. Our professionals are an asset for any homeowner or business.

Sealing Your Home Against Mice & Rats

A portion of Effective Pest Services rodent exclusion services, centers around sealing up any and all entry points. In order to help you effectively seal the home or business, we use an assortment of materials, including foam sealant, metal screens around crawlspaces, copper screens, breathing holes, attic gables, as well as other sealing options to cover the holes, gaps, and cracks that seem inviting to rodents. Effective Pest Services technicians use foam sealant around plumbing, AC pipes, and other such pipework for example. To hinder rodents from infesting the attic space, our experts place metal screens around gables and rooflines. Vent covers are used other breathable or ventilated holes in the basements and crawlspaces are utilized. These are just primary examples of the custom exclusion services we offer. With our rodent exclusion services, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of having to deal with a rat or mice problem.

Rodent Inspections, Control, Removal, Exclusion & More in Wellington, Fort Collins, Timnath, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder, Johnstown, Berthoud, Estes Park & Loveland, CO | Northern Colorado

Once rodents have established permanent residency in your home or business, they will continue to cause harm to the structure. Rodents can chew on wires, urinate and defecate in attics and pose health risks to your loved ones. Locating and sealing up the areas where rodents are entering your home or business is the most essential thing that can be done to mitigate and eliminate rodent problems. The areas in which rodents enter a home must be sealed up or the affected home will continue to have an ongoing rodent infestation. Call Effective Pest Services to schedule a consultation and get started on keeping rodents out of your buildings today!

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