Brown Norway Rats

With over a decade of experience, Effective Pest Services has been protecting Northern Colorado locals against all sorts of pests, including Norway Rats. We understand the importance and concerns of our clients when it comes to Norway Rats invading their home or business. In an effort to provide peace of mind, you can have the confidence that Effective Pest Services professionals have the expertise to eliminate these pests along with premium products and advanced methods to maximize our service. With tailored services that meet your unique needs, we prioritize your health and safety.

What Do Norway Rats Eat & Where Do They Live?

Across Northern Colorado, both businesses and residential homes are susceptible to the intrusion of Norway Rats. Though they will eat anything when they are hungry, they primarily consume plant life and animal matter. They favor vegetation and grains and if they manage to get inside your home or commercial building, they likely devour food found in cupboards and pantry’s as well as any fruits or veggies left out first. If the circumstances apply, Norway rats will climb along rooftops and power lines, however, Norway rats will typically be found on ground floors and basements. In the outdoors they generally inhabit burrows and underneath sidewalks and outdoor structures. These rodents are highly adaptable and can live outside just as easily as they do indoors.

Norway Rat Diseases & Damage

Norway rats are dangerous as they can expose people to harmful disease and bacteria including salmonellosis, jaundice, and rat-bite fever. Norway rats may also introduce fleas, ticks and mites into your home or business as well. A Norway rat infestation can lead to extensive damage to structures as they have front incisors that continuously grow which means they gnaw constantly. Norway rats often chew on wires, pipes, drywall, insulation and other building material and furniture as well as clothing, books and personal items. Their nesting and foraging habits are also destructive and hazardous as they contaminate spaces with their rat droppings and urine.

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Due to their filthy habits and activities, Norway rats create unsanitary conditions and if they manage to get inside your Northern Colorado home or business, you need immediate action since they breed and reproduce excessively. Call Effective Pest Services and let us take care of your rodent problems rest with our proven methods of rodent inspections, exclusion and control.

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