There are a few different species of cricket that may invade homes from time to time, but two of the most common are the house cricket and the field cricket. House crickets are light yellow or brown in color, about ¾ in. long when adults, have three dark bands on their heads, and two long, thin antennas. Field crickets are dark brown, grey, or blackish, are larger than house crickets, and have noticeably longer wings.

Interesting Facts About Crickets

– Crickets prefer to live outdoors, but may invade homes in large numbers.
– Field crickets are unlikely to survive more than two weeks indoors at a time, but may be driven in by unfavorable environmental factors.
– They hide during the day and are active at night.

Problems Caused by Cricket Pests

Crickets only cause minor damage unless present in large numbers. They will eat all kinds of food and rubber and may cause damage to fabrics like linens, firs, rayon, and paper.

Prevention of Cricket Pests

Field crickets are attracted to lights at night. One may install a light away from the building and turn out lights directly on the house to help deter them. Sealing up cracks, doors, and windows outside the house before winter will help prevent large numbers of crickets from harboring inside your home during the cold months.

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