Gophers (also known as pocket gophers) are 5-14 in. long and can be almost black, light brown, or whitish in color. They have very small eyes and ears, but are equipt with strong front legs, a short neck, long claws, and sensitive whiskers.

Interesting Gopher Facts

– These animals are diggers and well adapted to living underground.
– They live solitary lives except when mating and rearing children.
– One can tell if a mound was made by a gopher instead of a mole because the dirt outside is horseshoe like instead of an even volcano shape. Gophers also put a dirt plug in the entrance when they are done feeding.
– Gophers have a fur-lined pocket outside of each cheek that open up next to the corners of their mouth that can be turned inside out. They use this to carry food with them.
– They are active all year round but are most active in the fall and spring months.

Problems Caused by Gopher Pests

These pests eat large amounts of vegetation and destroy gardens and yards. They may also eat the roots all the way around the base of a tree’s trunk, killing it in the process. Their underground tunnels can become several hundred feet long with many entrance points.

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