Autumn Flying Insects & Fall Pests

While the cooler temperatures bring relief from some summer pests, they bring out a whole new batch of fall and winter pests. Spiders, crickets, millipedes, earwigs, flies, boxelder bugs, cockroaches and more emerge and start to seek out the comforts of our properties. As temperatures drop, pests crawl, climb or fly their way into undefended homes and businesses. Some pests make secret nests to return each evening, while others establish thriving, permanent colonies within walls. These overwintering pests not only bring potential health risks, but can wreak serious damage to unprepared property. Effective Pest Services outline the most common fall pests found in Northern Colorado.

Where Do Cockroaches Go in Fall?

Cockroaches are one of the most common fall pests. They seek refuge inside our homes and businesses during this season in search of food, water and a warm place to hide. They often choose to stay near pipes and drains as well as behind walls, where they cannot be seen. If you happen to spot one or more cockroaches, this is a sign you are dealing with a cockroach infestation. Roaches contaminate food and spread bacteria and disease.

Mice & Rats During the Fall Season

Rats and mice also head inside properties during the fall season looking for warm shelter, food, and water to help them survive the colder seasons. An adult rat only needs a whole the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime to enter your home or business. Rodents are carriers of dangerous diseases and often bring other pests such as fleas and ticks with them.

Spiders in House in Fall Time

While spiders can be found in your home or business year round, fall is spider mating season. During fall, male spiders will enter a home in search of a mate and females will begin to lay their eggs, so it’s likely you will notice an increase in spider activity. While spiders are a beneficial species as they eat insects, they are best left outside.

Bees & Wasps in the Fall

While you may assume that bees and wasps are most active during the summer, that is not always true. During fall, these stinging insects are working around the clock to prepare themselves for winter. At the beginning of fall, the nests have reached their maximum capacity so they tend to send out more foragers to find food to sustain them during the fall and winter months. You may notice an increase in activity during fall as they gather as many nutrients as possible. In addition, during this time, wasps are a little more protective of their Queen and nest and will therefore become more aggressive in defending it.

Crickets Chirping in the Fall

Cricket chirping can be heard during summer but it will increase and become more intense in the beginning of the fall. Crickets move into homes at an accelerated rate with the onset of cooler weather.

What Attracts Boxelder Bugs in Fall?

During late summer and fall, boxelder bugs gather in large numbers on the sunny side of trees and buildings. They can become a major nuisance when they seek out sites such as your home or business for overwintering.

Fruit Flies

When you see small flies or gnats in the kitchen during the fall season, they are most likely fruit flies. These tiny pests are a particular problem in fall since they are attracted to ripe, damaged or fermenting fruits and vegetables.

Fall Pest Control

No matter what pest you are dealing with during the fall season or any other time of year; call Effective Pest Services to get rid of them!

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