Effective Pest Services are always on time, flexible with scheduling and with payments, very thorough with going through my home to make sure that appropriate application of pest/bug repellent has been allocated. I have texted them with questions and issues that they are quick to respond and happy to help. They came out to look at a hole next to my window well area that was dirt/soil related and not created by a snake or rodent however they came out to check it out and did not charge me for their time, gas, efforts. They have let me pay a few days later than normal and always treat me respectfully. They don and doff shoe coverings with entry and exiting home always. I am very pleased with the services this company provides and will continue to utilize them for all pest/bug control mitigation. Lastly I will continue to recommend this company to anyone in need of an honest and hardworking company.

Noah S Timnath, CO

Effective pest service is quality and professionalism. Always on time and they do a complete job at getting rid of all my insect and pest needs. I would recommend effective pest service to anybody.

David N Loveland, CO

Have used these guys for years! Love them. Do a great job. Very effective and professional.

Shane M Berthoud, CO

Owner and employees of Effective Pest Control are reliable, respectful, polite, responsive to needs when called and predictable. Rates are very reasonable. I would and have highly recommended them to many people.

Martha M Wellington, CO

Dependable pest control service . We have used them for several years
Would recommend to a friend

Phillip B Loveland, CO

We have used Effective Pest Services for over 16 yrs and are highly impressed with their professionalism and quality of their operation. The control and effectiveness of their service is far above any other pest control company used by us. I highly recommend this 5 star company to all readers of this review.

Christopher T Niwot, CO

We have used Effective Pest Services for several years now and have always been very satisfied!

Carol V Fort Collins, CO

Highly recommend them! We use their quarterly services for preventative maintenance. Steve personally came out the other day to help us solve an issue.

JoAnn C Boulder, CO

I have been using Effective Pest Services for years and have had great results from a small company! They originally took care of an ant problem that we had and now we use them year round for all pests needs! I highly recommend them!

Michael E Greeley, CO

We’ve been using Effective Pest Services for a couple years now. Steve texts us to let us know he will be out to spray in the following couple days. Always shows up, and because of their processes, we never have rodents or spiders in the house. We were referred by family to him, and have referred our neighbors as well. Huge fans of what he does for us!

Nathan E Longmont, CO

We have used Steve and his team for many years now. We initially had issues with ants and spiders but now haven't had problems in years. Steve is always very responsive when we have trouble with bees in the summer or any other issue that pops up. I recommend him to all of our neighbors and friends!

Caitlin H Mead, CO

I’ve been very happy with their service. They are very professional and I have never had an insect/rodent issues since using them. If I see hornets trying to build a nest, I can call them and they’ll come out free of charge and do an extra targeted spray. I will continue to use them.

Allison C Windsor, CO

I've been using Effective Pest for 5 years, Steve and his staff are highly professional. Any time I've had issues, I make call and I get quick results. I really like their summer and fall inspections looking for and getting rid of wasp and hornet nests. I was impressed when Steve walked my yard this time looking for signs of voles. I will highly recommend Effective Pest to anyone who is looking for a very good pest control company.

Mike K Arrowhead, CO

Steve is the best! We’ve used his services for over 6 years and would r use anyone else. He is super responsive. I’ve had him come out in addition to our normal quarterly service for additional pest control. He or one of his guys is out to my house immediately and taking care of the problem. Highly recommend this small family business.

Nicole S Campion, CO

Tanner Fleming was our technician. He was excellent. So personable, informative, and worked so carefully and thoroughly. I would recommend this business to anyone and all the technicians are wonderful but Tanner was especially one of the best.

Judie B Ft. Collins, CO

Had lots of ants around the house and this company was recommended. They did a great job. I'd recommend them also. If the ants return then they do too.

Cindy M Buda, CO

BEST pest services!!! I NEVER see a bug in my house. I also have three dogs and they are never affected by these product applications.
Great people, great, fast service.
Thank you! 🕷🔨. 🙂

Katie F Loveland, CO

Love this company and the wonderful family who owns it. Every time we've needed their services they are so quick to respond and quick to come to our home. They are very professional and responsible. They took care of our ant problem and wasps and we will be annually returning customers!

Kayla C Welty, CO

Wonderful company to work with! Very professional, knowledgeable staff and got the job done! Highly recommend Effective Pest Services!

David H Masonville, CO

We LOVE effective pest services! We use them at our home and our business and our rodent and spider encounters have gone from a lot to NONE! If I could give them 10 stars I would!

MacCall L Johnstown, CO

The team at Effective Pest Services is great -- they are always on time and always respond quickly to requests. Happy that I selected them 3 years ago to help with pest control!

Scott S Loveland, CO

I have used this company since 2015. They are a great company to work with, and will highly recommend to anyone looking for pest control! They are amazing!

Trent L Fort Collins, CO

We have used effective pest control for years. They always take care of any issues we have had in a timely manner. The techs have always been friendly and polite. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Meghan W Windsor, CO

I have been a customer over 5 years. Great service. Very trustworthy. Always friendly. Never been disappointed. The best service!

Jo C Severance, CO

We have used Effective Pest for a long time for our home and business. I recommend Steve and his team.

Ian M Estes Park, CO

Steve and his team are wonderful. We have been customers for years and always been happy with the service. They keep our home bug free. And are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Effective Pest Control!!

Toni M Berthoud, CO

I've been very happy with Effective Pest Services. They are reliable, professional, responsive, and reasonably-priced. Highly recommended!

Scott S Timnath, CO

I’ve been using Effective Pest Services for a couple years now. Steve came out for the initial visit and captured all my concerns about spiders and treated everything accordingly. He has adjusted whenever I have new concerns. I called to ask him about the possibility of rodents in my basement. He came over the next day and explored my basement and the entire perimeter of my house and garage. Then he showed me the possible entry points, double checked the bait boxes, and educated me on the behavior of mice. I followed his advice of spraying some foam insulation in a potential mouse hole. It worked and I found the mouse dead a couple days later.

Richard T Johnstown, CO

I would rate this business as a 5-star (whatever is the highest, best rating one can give). The owner is a caring professional who is also friendly, hardworking, and easy to work with. His staff is caring, professional, and happy.

Lanny P Frederick, CO

No more spiders or ants in the basement or around the house/bedding area.

Nancy E Boulder, CO

Effective Pest has the best customer service, responsiveness if needed outside regular service to mitigate a problem and extraordinary professionalism

Deanna T Greeley, CO

We are most impressed by the prompt and friendly "extra" service we receive beyond the quarterly high-quality inspection/service. Our "special events" have included service calls for wasps, removal of a large hornet nest, and multiple responses to vole invasions. We are extremely happy with Effective Pest Services, and we can confidently highly recommend this service. In fact, we recommended Effective Pest Services to our neighbor, and they have told us of their satisfaction in all respects.

Steven H Willington, CO

Effective Pest has always been prompt and calls before they come to spray. They wear protection coverings on their feet to keep house clean. We use them monthly for the past 5 years and love them. If a wasp nest shows up in between our next month time we call them and they show up and take care of the problem.
I highly recommend them.

Carl L Firestone, CO

These guys are awesome. They knocked my door 6 years ago and I have been using them since. Professional and responsive.

Ryan M Niwot, CO

Very courteous and efficient. We have quarterly service. They also come promptly if we have a problem. All spiders are gone!

Nancy B Mead, CO

We just moved into a new house and hired Effective Pest right away because we heard they were great. It’s been 10 months and we’ve not had a single spider, rodent or anything else in the house! Definitely recommend them!

Kara N Arrowhead, CO

Effective Pest Services has cared for our property for 7 years. We’ve had many opportunities to switch services, but Steve and his employees have done such a good job that there is no point in switching. Our property backs up to an open space so the challenges of keeping the rodent population away from our buildings are ever present. Effective Pest handles this challenge by respecting our wishes but also by respecting nature.

Marla O Campion, CO

I’ve been using Effective Pest Services for 10 years and wouldn’t use anyone else. Steve is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, always on time and he gets the job done.

Laurie T Buda, CO

I have been using Steve and his team for many years (8+/-). They have always done an amazing job! We use them on a quarterly basis which is perfect. If it is a "buggy" year they come out and do an extra treatment which they never charge us for. You cannot go wrong with Effective Pest Services. Skip the national guys and go local, you will not regret it!

David S Welty, CO

We are very pleased with Steve Arnold and Effective Pest Services and have used their excellent care for a number of years. They are very responsive to our household and property needs, very prompt, very personable, and very dependable.

L Gillum Masonville, CO

My family and neighbors love Steve and his crew. Always on time and do a great job. They come back during the summer to handle our wasps nests that I can’t get to. I would highly recommend using Steve as opposed to some of the other pest services. Steve doesn’t make us feel like we are just another client, He really makes us feel like he cares about our family and home.

Jacob C Loveland, CO

Always calls ahead! Checks in each time and reports what they did! If needed between schedule, they are responsive. Economical and pleasant to work with. They use ecological friendly products. Give them a call.

Jan S Fort Collins, CO

We have used Effective Pest Services for a long time on a regular basis! Ever since then we haven’t had any problems at all with bugs, spiders, or rodents. Steve is amazing and takes time to get to know his customers and their needs. You cannot go wrong with Effective Pest Service.

Lisa R Windsor, CO

I have used the quarterly service with Effective Pest Services since I moved into my house 8 years ago. Steve and his staff are alway professional, prompt, efficient and obviously do a great job as I have never had an issue with bugs or rodents. I would highly recommend them for maintaining a bug free, rodent free home ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Diane G Severance, CO

Effective Pest has been taking care of my critter-issues for over 10 years. They are always courteous and explain what they’ve treated as well as being on time for appointments. I would highly recommend their services.

Ione H Estes Park, CO

Steve and his crew are wonderful! Highly knowledgeable, personable and ethical. We experienced a mouse issue and Steve was every bit as concerned as I was that we get them OUTTA our house! And they are! If we think we see signs, I text and he’s here the same day. I highly recommend them and will never use anyone else.

Carla S Berthoud, CO

I have an extreme fear of wasp and bees! Effective pest control has been amazing at controlling the pest that keep me from enjoying my yard. Our property backs to open space and the mice were enjoying our house. Effective pest control has been able to keep them out! I recommend effective pest every chance I get. We have used this service for many year and plan to be customers for many more.

Amanda B Longmont, CO

We've been using Effective Pest Services for over a year. There are plenty of competing businesses in the area but you'll be hard-pressed to find one that is so responsive and professional at a good price.

Ryan B Timnath, CO

We have used Effective Pest Services for 7 years now and what I appreciate most is their responsiveness to any issues we may have between our scheduled quarterly treatments. Quick to help without the hassle or added expense. This is a great value.

Dave D Johnstown, CO

Effective Pest Services has done our routine pest inspection and elimination for over three years. They are efficient and cost effective. Their cost for four service calls per year is less then than a one time visit by brand name companies. Plus, they will come back for free if the problem persists - which has never occurred. I have highly recommended them to my neighbors.

Robert F Frederick, CO

I can only say good things, reliable, efficient and I have never had a problem with pest in the house. Effective Pest technicians are thorough and I have been using there service for almost ten years, that says a lot.

Barbara K Boulder, CO

I have been using Effective Pest for 7 or 8 years and can only say positive things about them. Always there every 3 months, they call ahead to tell us when they will come go over and go above what I have expected from experiences with other pest control companies.
I Have referred them to many neighbors who all feel as positive about them as I do

Bill F Greeley, CO

Steve and his crew are amazing! They do a fantastic job of keeping little critters outside and not in or near our home. We enjoy no bugs all year round with his service. He takes care of wasps all the time. Once we have a new problem he comes quickly to resolve the issue. I highly recommend him!

Bryan S Willington, CO

We have used Effective Pest Services for years and they are great! It is a cost effective solution and the staff are polite, professional and always arrive on time. We’ve come to know the owner, Steve Arnold, and he is very helpful. I would recommend Effective Pest Services to anyone.

Larry L Firestone, CO

The guys with Effective Pest Services are always friendly, professional and very thorough. They always let me know when they’ll be at my home for service. I highly recommend them for pest control services!

Kristi L Niwot, CO

These guys live up to their name. We had a major mouse infestation in our house in Old Town Longmont. I set traps wherever there were droppings and the mice just kept coming. At one point it got so bad that we triple wrapped everything in our pantry that wasn't in a jar or can. A neighbor recommended Effective. Their pest control guy came the next morning at the exact time they said he'd be here. He inspected the house, found the entry points where the mice were getting in, and set several different types of traps (the peanut butter traps were especially effective). Within a week, the mice were trapped and never came back. In fact, they did such a good job that they probably lost extra business at our house. They are super ethical, very reasonably priced, and a great locally-owned company vs. the big franchises that can rip you off. The owner, Steve, even checks back to make sure the mice haven't returned. I'd recommend them to anybody with zero hesitations.

Phil C Longmont, CO

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