Winter Insects & Pests

Even though many pests migrate or die off during the cold winter months, some rodents, bugs and other pests look for nearby nesting areas where they can remain fed, warm and protected from the elements. Unfortunately, your home or business could be overrun by pests during the winter time. Effective Pest Services spotlights pests commonly found in Northern Colorado.

Do Norway Rats, Woodrats & House Mice Rodents Hibernate During Winter?

Whenever it gets cold outside, rodents look for warm places to nest. Rats and mice do not hibernate and that is why so many people struggle with these rodents during winter. Rodents can cause property damage, bring germs into your home or business and spread dangerous diseases.

Voles in the Winter Snow

Voles are active during the winter season as they do not hibernate in the cold winter months. Their activity underground is hidden by the fallen snow. Voles are still alive and active during this time even if you can’t see them. The only sign you may see is a “runway” between two burrows. It will be about two inches wide where the snow has been trodden or grass that has been wilted.

Where Do Cockroaches Go in the Winter?

While cockroaches can survive almost any condition including freezing temperatures, they will almost always look for shelter once the weather starts to really cool. Roaches can bring countless allergens and contaminants into your property. German cockroach infestations in particular are very common and virtually impossible to eradicate without professional help.

What Happens to Spiders in the Winter

If you have insects in your home, then you probably have spiders as well since insects are their diet and what attracts them the most.

Winter Pest Control

At Effective Pest Services, our team understands just how annoying these infestations can be, and we would love to help you eradicate any pests that might be overwintering in your home or business. Call us today to learn more about our affordable pest control services.

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