Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are about 9/16 to 1 in. long and are yellow and black in color.

Interesting Paper Wasp Facts

– These wasps build comparatively simple nests that have a paper like quality and consist of several combs that open downward.
– Paper wasp nests are rarely bigger than 8 inches in diameter.
– Their nests usually have less than 200 workers at a time.

Problems Caused by Paper Wasp Pests

Paper wasps are not nearly as aggressive as yellow jackets, but they deliver a painful sting if they are upset or their nest is threatened. Their venom is just as potent to allergic individuals as other wasps. Their tendency to build nests under the eaves of houses, window ledges, and porch roofs put them too close for comfort for many people and one could be easily let into the house through an open door or unscreened window.

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