Spider Control

While spiders are beneficial arthropods that survive by feeding on insects, their presence is often a cause of concern to many people. Spiders are feared because of their creepy appearance and movements, habit of building webs in and around the home and painful bites. There are a few spiders whose bite requires medical attention including the black widow and brown recluse.

Spiders differ from insects in that they have eight legs (as opposed to six) and only two body regions (rather than three). Spiders typically have between six to eight eyes, often arranged in two rows. Some spider species capture prey by using silk and venom while others are active hunters that ambush or capture their prey, overpower and use venom to immobilize them.

Spider Species Found in Northern Colorado

Spiders typically found in Northern Colorado include:
Black widow spiders
– Cellar spiders
– Funnel weaver spiders
– Garden spiders
– Ground spiders
– House spiders
– Jumping spiders
– Orb weaver spiders
– Tarantula spiders
– Wolf spiders
– Wood louse hunter spiders
Yellow sac spiders
The brown recluse spider is rare in Colorado because of our cold winters and dry climate. However, brown recluse spiders have been known to hitch a ride and Effective Pest Services have been called upon for brown recluse spider control!

Spider Control

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