Deer Mice

The protection of the Northern Colorado locals is under the care of Effective Pest Services, and with over a decade of experience, our expertise lies in all manner of pests including deer mice. When it comes to deer mice invading their home or business, we understand the importance and concerns of our clients. Along with premium products and advanced methods to maximize our services, you can have the confidence that our professionals have the expertise to eliminate pests. Prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction, Effective Pest Services tailors pest control services to meet your unique needs.

Where are Deer Mice Commonly Found & What Do They Look Like?

Generally, deer mice are found in rural, outdoor areas of Northern Colorado, and though they rarely invade residential or commercial buildings, they can be a problem in outbuildings and sheds, as well as farming areas, and vacation homes. Because they are common carriers of Hantavirus, deer mice are of medical concern. Deer mice are round, brown mice that have white feet and underbelly. They can average between 5-8 inches long. Deer mice typically feed at dusk and dawn, and usually include seeds, nuts, insects, berries and small fruits in their diet. Outdoors, they will find shelter in hollow tree logs, old fence posts, or piles of debris. Deer mice will seek refuge in homes, sheds, garages, or rarely used vehicles to seek shelter during the winter month. Once inside, the deer mice will hunker down in basements or attics and choose stuffed furniture, storage boxes, drawers and wall voids to nest.

Deer Mice Control

With the help of Effective Pest Services, we can help eliminate infestations as well as help you prevent them from invading your Northern Colorado home or business.

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