Stinging Insects

If you have struggled to keep stinging insects like bees and wasps off your property, you can count on the pest experts at Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of them for good. It is important you avoid attempting to remove them on your own as they can inflict harm with their painful stings. Our team knows how to effectively and safely remove them so you can enjoy your backyard again. The most common stinging insects Effective Pest Services encounter in Northern Colorado are the honeybee, European paper wasp, yellow jacket and bald faced hornet.


Honeybees are a beneficial insect pollinator on the decline across the United States. After a stinging insect inspection and we determine the stinging insects on

your property are honey bees, we call out beekeepers to safely relocate the bees off of your property.

European Paper Wasps

The most common stinging insect in Northern Colorado is the European paper wasp. These wasps are yellow and black, with feet that dangle down. European paper wasps fly erratically and live in open comb nests that can be found under gutters and decking, behind window shutters as well as around sheds and attics, and clothes lines etc. Click here to learn more about paper wasps.


Yellowjackets are similar in appearance to European Paper wasps but are stockier and tend to fly less erratically. Yellowjackets build their nests underground, in voids behind walls, trees or on the exterior of a home or business. They have enclosed nests that look like gray papier-mâché. Inside the nest combs are found similar to that of the European paper wasp. Click here to learn more about yellowjackets.

Bald Faced Hornets

Bald faced hornet are stinging insects that are very aggressive. They are easily identified by their black bodies and white faces. Bald faced hornet nests are similar in appearance to those of yellowjackets and they will build nests on the exterior of homes and business, inside walls, or off the limbs of a tree. Click here to learn more about bald faced hornets.

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects are pests because of the risk they pose to people and pets. A sting from any of the above stinging insects is extremely painful and for those people that are allergic it can be life threatening. If you have stinging insects on your property, call Effective Pest Services. We will do a thorough inspection to determine the exact species of stinging insect and present a custom pest control plan to solve this problem and keep your loved ones safe.

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