Harvester Ants

Harvester ants are relatively large at ¼ – ½ in. long and are red to dark brown in color. They are distinguishable from other ants because of the long hairs under their head that form a brush.

Interesting Harvester Ant Facts

– Harvester ants will rarely invade homes.
– They use their brush of hair under their head to clean their legs and antennae, carry seeds and water, and remove sand from their nests.
– These ants are most often found in dryer and warmer areas of the west and south, but one particular species can be found in moister areas of florida
– One will typically find harvester ants in fields or lawns with all of the vegetation around the opening of their nest cleared away.
– For food, these ants gather seeds and store them in their burrows.

Problems Caused by Harvester Ant Pests

While harvester ants don’t usually invade homes, they are a very aggressive species and deliver severe stings to unwanted visitors. This may be particularly concerning for those with small children who may unknowingly upset a nest. Their unattractive nest openings in the middle of lawns, parks, or sports fields can also be reason enough for one to get rid of them.

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