Bald Faced Hornets

The Bald Faced Hornet is black and is most easily identified by its white markings on it’s face and body. It ranges in size between ½ to 6/8 inches long.

Interesting Bald Faced Hornet Facts

– Hornet nests are very large, complex structures surrounded by a papery cover. They can resemble either upside down teardrops or bloated soccer balls in shape with a single opening on the bottom point.
– One will most commonly find these nests in trees and bushes.
– Each nest can have about 100 to 400 workers.

Problems Caused by Bald Faced Hornet Pests

Hornets are very protective of their massive nests and will repeatedly sting any intruders who get too close or disturb them. They are especially dangerous for individuals who are allergic to wasps as their stings could be serious and fatal.

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