Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ant workers range in size from ¼ to ¾ inches long and are very dark, even black in color. They have rather large mandibles with which they can bite a person or give a strong pinch, and are one of the most conspicuous kinds of ants to infest homes.

Interesting Carpenter Ant Facts

– There are over two dozen species of carpenter ants known in the U.S..
– The primary nest with the queen is usually outside the home / infested structure and all other nests within the home are satellite or secondary nests with no egg-laying queen.
– There can be satellite nests from two or more different colonies in the same home especially in wooded areas.
– The tunnels that carpenter ants dig in wood are clean and smooth almost like freshly sanded wood – hence the name “carpenter”.
– Colonies can have populations of over 100,000 ants.

Problems Caused by Carpenter Ants Pests

Carpenter ants, while not as damaging as termites, can cause serious and widespread structural damage if not managed soon enough. Like other pests, they can contaminate food and feed on pretty much anything people eat.

Carpenter Ant Prevention

Carpenter ants can often be a sign of water damage since they prefer to dig their galleries into softer wood, but will occasionally nest in more sound wood. They can also be carried into homes with outside items like firewood. Contact your local pest specialists at Effective Pest Services to evaluate your particular situation.

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