Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow Sac Spiders are a relatively small spider species at about ¼ of an inch long. They are generally a pale yellow, beige, yellow-grey, or greenish color and have dark brown feet and fangs.

Interesting Yellow Sac Spider Facts

– These spiders are nocturnal and actively hunt for their prey as opposed to catching them in a web.
– They feed off of other spiders and other common household insects. What they eat will determine what color they are.
– They are aggressive when threatened, trapped between folds of clothing, or smashed (Such as if on rolls onto it in their sleep).
– Their normal outdoor habitats include trees, wood piles, gardens, leaf piles, and bushes.
– Indoors, these spiders create silk sacs at the corners where the walls and ceiling meet. This is where they mate, lay eggs, hide, and sleep.
– If prey becomes scarce for too long, they may become cannibalistic and eat their own eggs.

Problems Caused by Yellow Sac Spiders

These spiders will deliver fairly painful bites with venom similar to other spiders, but the effects are not as severe as the hobo spider. Symptoms include redness, swelling, and itching around the wound. Very rarely they can create a necrotic wound, but generally there is a low risk of complications if kept clean to avoid infection. When checking a bite with your physician, it is important to take the specimen with you if possible so they can better treat your situation. This species will also create dense sacs in the upper corners and crevices of homes that can become a real eyesore.

Yellow Sac Spider Prevention

Sealing up any possible cracks and entry points to the outside is important to control this particular species. Having tight screens on all windows and caulking cracks on the outside of the home will help.

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