Voles (Meadow Mice) are small chestnut brown and black colored rodents that are about 7 inches long when mature. They are a chunky rodent and have a tail that is only about 1 ½ in. long. Their ears don’t extend very high above the top of their hair. Young voles are grey colored all over.

Interesting Facts About Voles

– These mice primarily eat herbs, grasses, roots, stems, nuts, fruits, leaves, and barks.
– They are fast and can run up to 6 mph.
– Their colonies can consist of around 300 individuals.
– Voles live in underground burrows and are active year round.
– There is no specific mating season. One female can produce up to 100 pups in a year.

Problems Caused by Voles

These creatures are outside pests who may feed on, damage, and possibly kill young trees and ornamental plants in one’s yard especially during the winter when other food is scarce. In many cases, they will burrow in the snow and create paths along the ground that are revealed when the snow melts. Often major damage to young and smaller plants in the yard will happen during this time.

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