Pillbugs (roly polies) are actually crustaceans and are closer related to lobsters and shrimp than bugs. They are small (around ¼ of an inch), dark grey in color, and have an armored shell with a structure closely resembling a crayfish tail.

Interesting Facts About Pillbugs

– These fun and harmless creatures are often a child’s first experience with exploring the insect world (ironically because they are actually crustaceans) and are best known for curling up into a tight ball when frightened until they perceive that the danger has left.
– Their main food source is decaying plants and animal matter, so they primarily help to break these down to be recycled back into the soil.
– Because of their feeding habits, they are most likely to be found in damp soil areas under leaves, decaying tree bark, rocks, and other objects on the ground.
– If there is a significant infestation in a house, it usually means that there is a large population immediately outside the building.

Problems Caused by Cricket Pests

Pillbugs are harmless and an important part of the ecosystem, but may not be welcome to some if they infest a home (such as a damp basement).

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