Pharaoh Ants

With our expertise lying in all manner of pests including ants, the locals of Northern Colorado locals are under the care and protection of Effective Pest Services. We know the importance of our clients’ concerns regarding ants in your home or business. To maximize our services, along with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products, Effective Pest Services professionals have the training and experience to remove ants from your Northern CO home or business and help prevent their invasions. In order to meet your unique needs Effective Pest Services tailors services so that we can ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Pharaoh Ant Identification

Effective Pest Services’ ant control services include pharaoh ants. With origins unknown, scientists find the mystery of Pharaoh ants intriguing. Among the smaller ant species, Pharaoh ants average less than 1/8th of inch in length. Being nearly transparent, these ants feature red and black markings on the abdomen and have tinge of yellow or light brown to their color. They are a potential anywhere, but Pharaoh ants have a tendency to be a bigger problem inside hospitals.

Where Do Pharaoh Ants Live?

These ants typically survive the winter with the artificial heat in buildings. Their nests are well hidden since Pharaoh ants are generally found in the food service area in protected places in the building. Outdoors, Pharaoh ants prefer warmer areas such as gardens and lawns. Being omnivorous, they eat nearly anything in sight, but prefer fats, proteins, insects both living and dead, and have a soft spot to sweets.

Pharaoh Ant Control

If you suspect pharaoh ants in your commercial or residential Northern CO home or business, Effective Pest Services is readily available with ant control services.

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