Spring Pest Control

Springtime in Northern Colorado is a truly enjoyable time for all. As the weather warms up, families will be outside, dogs running in the park and unfortunately more bugs in your home and yard. Colorado’s most common spring pests can range from a nuisance to property damage and health risks. Effective Pest Services outlines the pests you most likely to see in and around your Colorado home or business this spring season.

Spiders During Spring

Northern Colorado is home to many spiders including black widows, daddy long legs, grass spiders, sac spiders and wolf spiders. While spiders help to keep other pests in your home under control, no one wants to see a potentially harmful spider crawling across their floor or hiding in their storage boxes or other secluded areas of their home. Some spiders like black widows are venomous and while many others are not, you should take the chance with your loved ones health.

What Attracts Wasps in Spring?

During the spring season, wasps are searching for a place to colonize. Unfortunately, eaves, cracks in siding and other openings around homes are seen by wasps to be ideal locations. Wasps colonize every spring, and it only required one fertile female. Wasps are both aggressive and dangerous and will protect their nest at all costs. Common stinging insects found in Northern Colorado include the honeybee, European paper wasp, yellow jacket and bald faced hornet.

Spring Ant Infestations

Ants are most active during spring and summer. They are another insect that cause pain and discomfort as well as quickly ruin any outdoor spring gathering or indoor party if your home isn’t treated for pests. Common ants found in Northern Colorado are the carpenter ant, pavement ant, field ant, odorous house ant, pharaoh ant and sugar ant. Some ant species can contaminate food sources, others can cause extensive property damage, some can bite and sting while others ants can even spread disease.

Cockroaches in Spring

Once the weather starts to warm up, another insect you will begin seeing are roaches. Northern Colorado is home to American cockroaches, German cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches spread disease as they wander across your home, and they also leave an unpleasant smell which is actually a pheromone emitted to attract other roaches to your home.

Spring Time Pest Control

You don’t have to let common spring pests in Northern Colorado ruin your excitement about the spring season. Effective Pest Services can help you take steps to prevent pests in and around your property. Call Effective Pest Services to get started today.

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