Do Carpenter Ants Cause House Damage in Fort Collins, CO? What Happens if You Don’t Get Rid of an Infestation?

There are no pests that homeowners are willing to share their house with, but there are some that can be especially destructive. Carpenter ants are one of those pests. They can become a big problem if they are allowed to thrive in your house. If you aren’t familiar with this pest and what they do to your home when they build a nest in it, have no fear. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about carpenter ants and what they do to your home when they set up shop in it.

How to Spot a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants are one of the easiest ants to spot because of their size. They are usually a dark brown, red or black. These ants are easy to see because they are the largest ant species in this area. They can be as large as ½ inch long. While they build their nests in your home, they will be looking for food to eat which will mirror what you eat. They look for greasy, fatty, and sugary foods. If you notice these large ants in your home, call your local pest control company right away to help you get rid of them.

Damage Caused by Carpenter Ants

There are some ants that aren’t going to damage your home if they get inside. However, carpenter ants aren’t one of those ants. These ants will infiltrate the walls of your home and hollow out wood to build their nests. This can mean that if they are in your home undetected for long enough, you could have significant damage to your home. The damage they cause is much slower than termites, but if left long enough, it can be just as big a problem. Structural damage can be an expensive problem to fix.

Signs You Have Carpenter Ants in Your Home

Carpenter ants can go unnoticed inside the walls of your home, but if you know what to look for, you might notice small signs of their presence around your house.
– Sawdust or wood fragments next to a crack in your house
– Small openings or cracks in your home
– A trail of ants
– Areas that have been damaged by moisture
– Rustling noises behind the walls of your home
– Leaking water in your home with ants present

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If you suspect that you have a carpenter ant problem on your hands, it is important that you move quickly. You can call on the professionals at Effective Pest Services to answer your call quickly and come inspect your home for carpenter ants. We know how destructive these ants can be and will work quickly and efficiently to remove any carpenter ants that we find in your home. We can help you determine practical solutions to keeping carpenter ants out of your home for good as well. Call us today!

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