How to Avoid Getting Stung By a Wasp in Loveland, CO & How to Keep Stinging Wasps Away

As we keep moving into the summer months, we are more than likely going to be spending more and more time outside. This also means that there are going to be stinging pests, like wasps, that we are bound to come in contact with. Wasps can be especially vicious because they have the ability to sting someone over and over again whenever they feel that they are threatened. It is important that you do what you can to avoid this painful scenario. Effective Pest Services is here to share our best tips to help you avoid a wasp sting this summer.

How to Avoid Getting Stung by a Wasp

Keeping wasps off your property is easier said than done. These dangerous pests seem to find the most unlikely places to build their nests. This is why it’s important that you are doing what you can to avoid getting stung:
– Avoid Flowery Perfumes: When it comes to your scent preference, you should consider how they can attract wasps this summer. Whether you love floral scents or even herbal, more natural scents, wasps and other stinging insects are going to find you more attractive as they associate those smells with flowers. Avoid these scents in your perfume to help you avoid a painful sting.
– Choose Neutral Color Clothing: Color is what makes the world go around. Bright colors scream summertime. However, bright colors will also attract stinging pests like wasps as they might mistake you for their favorite flower. Wearing neutrals can help.
– Stay Calm: The biggest thing that you need to remember when you are coming in contact with a wasp is that you need to stay calm. It is normal to want to swat at a wasp when they get close to you, but this will only make them feel threatened. If you stay calm and wait for the wasp to move on, you aren’t going to get stung. To help it move along a bit quicker, you can gently blow in its direction. Definitely avoid swatting at them.

How to Keep Wasps Off Your Property This Summer

Part of avoiding a wasp sting is to do everything you can to keep them off your property this summer. Regularly inspecting your house for wasp nests is one of the best ways to do it. They often build their nests in the eaves of your home or other corners that might offer them protection. Also, avoid leaving out any food that could be attracting them as well. They are mostly attracted to high protein foods and sugary, sweet food.

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If you’re dealing with a wasp problem, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of them. We know how to safely remove any wasp nests from your property so that you don’t have to worry about getting stung this summer. Make sure to contact us at the first sign of wasp activity. Call us today!

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