Pest Guarantee

In the event of continuous pest activity, Effective Pest Services will return and retreat the affected areas at no charge.

We want you to be happy with our service so we protect you with our pest warranty. We are able to give you a warranty because we treat quarterly to disrupt for pest egg/life cycle, thereby reducing and eliminating adult pests. We also have products that are called inGR’s, Insect Growth Regulators that prevent pests from developing to sexual reproductive maturity.

Correct Pest Control Expectations

Wasps will show up in between services regardless of where you spray for them. If they are a problem, call us and we will come and take care of them. If not an immediate problem we will take care of them on our next scheduled service.

Any company that says otherwise is dishonest and you should not contact their services. Another thing we hear a lot is that they will get rid of wasps around your yard and out of all tiles on roofs. Please kindly tell them to leave and that you will be contracting with Effective Pest Services.

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