Are Deer & House Mice More Active During Spring in Loveland, CO? Health Risks, Damage & More

The frigid winters of Colorado are almost over. While most of the western United States is beginning to enjoy the warmth that spring brings in, we are still experiencing the last few snow falls. But those will be few are far between here in the next few weeks and we can finally start to enjoy warm weather along with our neighboring states. Along with the warm weather of spring come a not so invited aspect; mice and other rodents. Mice and other rodents in Colorado can thrive during the spring time, allowing these tiny creatures to do more exploring and somehow gain access into your home and begin searching for ample food and shelter. Effective Pest Services offers some helpful tips on how best to deal with them.

Mice in Colorado are a Year Round Pest

In the early part of the spring when the weather hasn’t quite completely changed, mice begin to thrive. Mice can potentially be a year round pest in Colorado, causing residents to go mad from battling with these tiny rodents almost endlessly. It may begin to be getting warmer during the day, but mice are still looking for a way into your home to seek shelter and invade your food storage. When mice are able to settle down in your home comfortably, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

What Kind of Mice Live in Colorado; The House Mouse & Deer Mouse

The two most common species of mice in Colorado are the house mouse and the deer mouse. These mice pose a serious threat to your home due to their ability to chew through drywall, wood and other materials that make up your home. This chewing can result in major damage to the structural integrity of your home and leave you with a hefty repair bill. Another major issue that these mice cause within your home is with your electrical wiring. For some reason, mice love to chew on electrical wiring and this has many times resulted in a house fire. Effective Pest Services will remove mice permanently from your home and see to it that the mice never return again.

What Health Risks Do Mice Pose?

Not only will the house mouse, the deer mouse and other small rodents do damage to your home, but they always pose some serious health risks to you and your family. Mice carry a potentially fatal respiratory disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and even just breathing in urine droplets from these mice that are in the air can pass the disease along. Effective Pest Services will protect you and your family from the dangerous diseases that mice can spread by keeping mice away from your home.

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