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How Can I Keep My Home Pest Free in Longmont, CO? Seal Entry Points, Keep House Clean & Professional Pest Control

As the weather starts to finally cool off, you may start to see more and more pests start to become even more active than normal. No one wants to find their home infiltrated by pests. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to help you pest proof your home against extremely active pests.…

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How Do You Control Deer Mice in Wellington, CO? Mouse & Habitat Identification, Signs, Exclusion, Removal & More

Throughout the State of Colorado you can find many homes that are battling a rodent invasion. Come the fall season, rodents will begin invading homes in search of a stable and warm place to reside during the cold winter season. One common invader is the Deer Mouse. Deer mice are found in many areas throughout…

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Is it Obvious if You have Mice in Your Windsor, CO House? How Do I Know what Kind of Mouse, Rodent Signs & More

Northern Colorado is not the exception, as rodents of all shapes and sizes are found all over the world. Norway rats, Deer Mice, and House Mice are the most common rodents the locals deal with. The basics of house mice and signs of their infestation is what we at Effective Pest Services would like to…

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How Do You Get Rid of House Mice Fast in Your Fort Collins, CO Home Fast? House Mouse Identification & More

There are a number of species of mice that often find their way inside homes and other human structures. One of the most common mice species that we found inside homes is the House Mouse. House mice are often found inside homes. When there, they cause damages and even possibly, leave behind harmful diseases. Effective…

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