Does Cold Weather Bring Mice in Campion, CO? How to Prevent Mouse Infestation Problems in Your Home

As the warm season leaves and the cooler temperature increase, you may feel that your pest problem may soon leave as well. For some pests, this might be the case. But fall and winter is the season mice seek a warm shelter and food. You guessed it; that will be your home if mice can get inside. Whether you are currently battling mice, or want to prevent these unwanted rodents making themselves too cozy in your home, Effective Pest Services will cover tips you can do to keep mice away from your home.

Why are Mice a Problem?

Although most people consider mice less of a problem than rats, mice are actually more of problem and cause far more damage. Mice can reproduce quickly. They can have anywhere from 6 to10 litters continuously throughout the year. Mice have an enormous appetite. In their search for victuals, they infect your food, and damage your home, especially when they nest and chew through walls to make access points throughout your house. Food, clothing, furniture, books and many other household items are contaminated by their droppings and urine. House mice will chew through electrical wiring, causing fires and failure of freezers, clothes dryers and other appliances. Mice also can transmit diseases, most commonly salmonellosis (bacterial food poisoning) when food is contaminated with infected rodent feces.

Seal Gaps from Rodents

It can be quite tricky to control mice from coming into your home. Mice are able to squeeze through tight areas, even as narrow as a pencil. As the cooler weather approaches, you will want to search out any openings that mice can come through, and seal it off. Mice can chew through many caulking glues, and foam sealers. Make sure you get something that is chew proof. Also seal up any foods in pantries, cupboards, and other food storage places. Some of the cheapest and easiest steps in mice prevention in limiting a food source.

What are the Methods of Controlling Rodents?

If you have a current mice problem you will need to do more then remove access and resources. You will need to determine what kind of approach you want to do for a rodent management system. There are two kinds of traps: those that capture without harm or those that kill. There are sticky traps and snap traps that will end the life of the mice. If you don’t want the smell of a dead mouse in your home, you can use traps that capture instead. Regardless of the one you choose, we need to discuss bait. Mice and rodents can become picky eaters. If you leave old bait on a trap for far too long, the mice will become disinterested and look for fresher food. They will also come to realize that some smells lead to traps. Don’t over use the same bait or the mice will learn to avoid it. You can also use poisonous bait. After the mice eat the poison they will die shortly after consumption. Each poison varies on how long it will take to kill the mice. Note; if you use poison the mice might die in an unknown place, and you will have the nasty smell of a dead mouse in your home. When placing your traps or baits, make sure you locate the paths they travel. You want to make it easy for them to encounter the traps and baits so you can easily find them.

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Mice are a common problem, do the best you can to prevent them from making themselves at home at your house or business. It also helps to keep your yard and homes free of clutter and debris. Effective Pest Services is here to help assist you in your battle against rodent invasions. Call us anytime if you need extra prevention in your home or business.

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