Facts About Mice in Greeley, CO; How Likely is it to have a Mouse in Your House, Do Rodents Climb & More

When it comes to rodents, there are two types of ways to see them. Some see a cute little critter at a pet store to take home while others see a pest that invades homes and takes over your pantry. The interesting thing is that they are the same rodent. A mouse is a mouse and when they get access to your home they are sure to cause chaos. Having a mouse in your house is a problem for many reasons. There is a stigmatism among mice that if you have them in your home then it must be a mess. The fact is that as long as you have food in your home you can have mice. They are simply looking for a place to stay out of the weather as well as a bite to eat. They are the biggest trouble for homeowners is during the cooler months. The cool weather does not bode well for rodents which is why they are gaining access to homes. Effective Pest Services outlines some surprising facts about mice.

How Likely is it to have a Mouse in Your House?

When you find out you have mice in your home, attic or garage, the first thought is often why they are in my house. It is also something that people don’t want to really talk about. The interesting thing is that if you have mice in your house, there are likely mice in the houses around you too. Mice invade homes all over the US every year and they are much more common than you think. You want to be sure that you have your home treated for pests such as mice as soon as you notice a problem. They can increase in numbers quickly.

Do Mice Usually Climb?

Mice are a pest that people think they can prevent from getting around the house by blocking areas off. The problem is that mice are amazing at climbing, jumping and even swimming. With all of that they are able to get around your house from the top shelf all the way to the baseboard crumbs. They can scale a wall and jump from one cabinet to the next. Mice are a pest that are able to get in every space in your home. The other interesting fact is that they are able to get in quite small spaces. They only need an inch of space to get through.

Do Mouse Leave Droppings Everywhere?

When you think of your pet, you know they use the litter box of the dog door to use the restroom. When it comes to mice they are not potty trained and never will be. They are known for leaving their droppings and urine along as they walk. That means that any surface they can reach they are leaving their germ infested feces along the way. You want to be cautious of the feces and use gloves to clean the areas that you find them.

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