How Can I Get Rid of Mice in My Estes Park, CO House Fast? Do Mouse Snap or Glue Traps or Bait Work?

The cold winter days are the time of year that many pests and insects are trying to get out of the elements and into a safer place. That means you need to be more diligent when treating for pests that are making their way into your house. They are happy to make their way in your home and start to nest to find a warm space that also offers food. Mice are one of the pests that are a problem when the weather changes. The baby mice are now grown and need to get inside the house. You want to be sure that you do what you can to keep them out. You want to seal up areas that mice are able to gain access to your house. This might be the crawl space, attic, basement, doors and windows that have seals. The seals can become damaged or dried out and this will lead to access to the house. If you are dealing with mice in the house already you need to take some measures to keep them out. Effective Pest Services outlines the different types of treatments to get rid of mice in your home.

Do Mouse Snap Traps Work?

One of the most common ways to get mice out of your house is to set up traps that allow you the ability to stop them from continuing to get around your house. The first way to do that is to use traps that are called a snap trap. The traps have to be set in spaces that are known for mice to travel. The traps have to be set and some type of bait placed. If you try to use these types of traps on your own they can be quite difficult. They can be snapped while trying to set them causing some injury. You also will be stuck checking the traps and removing the bodies of any mice that you actually are able to catch. The traps are sometimes affordable enough that you might be able to drop the whole trap and mouse in the trash all together.

Can a Mouse Survive a Glue Trap?

The next type of trap that you can use when you are trying to cure an infestation of mice are called glue traps. You want to be careful when using any kind of trap including glue traps because if you have a small pet it can become stuck to the glue trap as well. The glue is very strong so that when a mouse happens to run across it they are trapped and unable to move. The traps will need to be looked at checked on a regular basis. You can grab the whole trap and toss it in the trash can. These are easier than a snap trap because they can’t cause you any pain when placing them.

What is the Best Bait for Mice?

The other way to deal with mice that are invading your home is with bait. The bait that you can place has poison inside that will allow you to place it in hopes that the mice will eat it and die. The problem can be that you are not sure where the mice are dying and you cannot be sure what is getting into the bait. It can be dangerous to other animals and of course children as well.

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