How Can I Keep My Home Pest Free in Longmont, CO? Seal Entry Points, Keep House Clean & Professional Pest Control

As the weather starts to finally cool off, you may start to see more and more pests start to become even more active than normal. No one wants to find their home infiltrated by pests. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to help you pest proof your home against extremely active pests.

Are Pest Active in the Fall & Winter?

Most pests will need three things to survive: warmth, food and water. When the weather starts to cool off drastically, especially at night, they know that winter is on its way and it’s time to find somewhere warm to hide. Unfortunately, this place is often your home. They will be looking for any way to get into your home so that they can survive and even thrive during the winter. Not only are pests in your home no welcome because they are creepy and crawly, they can also carry with them a risk of causing property damage. Some pests can even be a health risk of their population gets out of control.

What Keeps Pests Away from Your House?

There are a few things that can really help to cut down the pest population in your home this fall.
Seal Any Entry Points – The first thing you should be doing is making sure that there aren’t any cracks or holes that pests can use to get into your house. This includes areas around doors and windows, holes in screens and any gaps in foundations. This is the time of year where people are opening their windows to let the cool air fill their home, so you want to make sure your screens are in good shape and will do a good job of keeping pests out of your house. Pests can fit through even the smallest of spaces.
Keep Your House Clean – If you have any crumbs or clutter around your home, it could be attracting pests. You will want to store food properly so you aren’t attracting them with a food source. Also, cleaning up any clutter will deter pests that are looking for somewhere to hide during the daylight hours like cockroaches and spiders. Cleaning spills as soon as they happen will go far in keeping pests out of your kitchen and away from your food.

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No one will be more effective at keeping pests out of your home more than the professionals. At Effective Pest Services, we have the training and experience needed to combat any pest that could be trying to infiltrate your home. We will keep your family safe from any pest infestations as well as help you arm your home against any damage that could be caused by out of control pest activity. Call us today for help in protecting your home against fall and winter time pests!

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