How Do I Keep Bugs & Pests Out of My Windsor, CO House this Fall? Pest Proof Yard, Home Sealing & More

It’s that time of the year where we can feel the change in the air. All of a sudden there is a crispness that can be felt not matter the time of the day. While we may be ready for this cooler weather, the pests that are outside are not. They are going to be looking for any way into your home to stay warm and cozy as the air starts to show signs of cooling off. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to help you get your home and property ready for fall and the pests that are sure to try and get inside of it.

Pest Proof Yard

There are several things you can do to the outside of your home that will make your home less appealing to the pests that we have right now.
– Store firewood far from any entrance into your home.
– Cut back any landscaping that is starting to go dormant for the winter to avoid pest infestation.
– Have any wasp nests safely removed by a pest professional.
– Clean up anything that may provide shelter for rodents and other fall time pests.

How Do You Keep Pests from Coming Through Windows & Doors?

You will need to inspect all your doors and windows to make sure they are ready for the fall weather as well. It isn’t uncommon for cracks and other signs of wear to start to appear around these areas. These cracks need to be filled in to avoid any pest infestations during the winter months. You should also inspect the screens in your windows for any sign of rips or damage. This is the time of year we all like to open up our windows, and your screens need to be in good condition to avoid pests.

Keep Bugs Out of Chimney & Gutters

You also need to make sure there is no way that any pests can get into your chimney, attic or your gutters. The leaf litter that is often a problem this time of year can create the perfect conditions for nesting. Your attic is also someplace that rodents like squirrels will try and nest. Make sure there are no openings in your attic and your chimneys have barriers to keep rodents out.

Protect Garage from Spiders, Rodents & Pests

Your garage is often a place pests can get to easily. This space is often open for long periods of time while children play, and you spend time outside. Make sure there is no clutter in your garage that could easily harbor pests and create a place for them to nest.

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If you are concerned about pests this fall, you can call on the professionals at Effective Pest Services to make sure your home is ready to keep pests out. We will inspect your home and offer exclusion services that will ensure rodents don’t get into your home. Call us today!

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