How Do I Keep Bugs, Rodents & Other Pests Out of My Firewood this Winter in Johnstown, CO?

During this time of year, many people enjoy sitting around a cozy fire. This means that people have been gathering enough firewood to get them through the season. While it might sound nice to have a roaring fire in your fireplace or wood burning stove this winter, the stack of firewood that you have to have on hand can attract pests. Many homeowners don’t realize what a problem firewood can be when it comes to past infestations. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to help you keep pests out of your firewood this winter.

How Do You Keep Pests Out of Firewood?

Following are some helpful tips to help you keep your firewood pest free this winter:
– Stack Firewood Away from Your House: It might sound more convenient to stack your firewood right next to your back door, but this can lead to pests gaining access into your house. When you stack your firewood, you should be stacking it at least 20 feet away from your door.
– Elevate Your Firewood: When your firewood is making contact with the ground, it can lead to more pest infestations as well. Simply stacking your firewood on top of cinder blocks or bricks can help eliminate the chances of pests dramatically.
– Keep Firewood Dry: There are many pests that are going to be more attracted to your firewood if it is damaged by water. Keeping the firewood dry will make it less appealing to pests like carpenter ants and termites.
– Rotate Firewood: You should always use the oldest firewood first. This might mean that you have to do some reorganizing and rearranging whenever you get a fresh load of wood. This can eliminate pest problems because it doesn’t allow the wood to sit stagnant for long periods of time.
– Inspect Firewood: Before you bring a fresh load of firewood into your house, you should always check it to make sure it isn’t covered in pests. Giving each piece of wood a good shaking or knocking two pieces of wood together is a great way to ensure there are no pests that are trying to catch a ride into your house.
– Burn Firewood Immediately: It might be nice to bring in a large pile of wood to stack beside your fireplace so that you don’t have to keep going out in the cold to gather more to put on the fire, but this can be a problem if there are pests in the wood. You should only bring in what you are ready to burn to avoid this problem.

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