How Do I Keep Mice Out of My House in the Fall in Johnstown, CO? What Keeps a Mouse Away?

The fall months bring beautiful fall leaves, pumpkins, and holidays. But it also brings colder weather. And just like us wanting to stay inside where it is warm, so do mice. They want to find a warm place to stay for the winter. To help avoid having mice come into your home for the winter you want to follow these few precautions Effective Pest Services outlines below, so that rodents do not make your home their home!

Keep Landscape Trimmed

Mice love overgrown vegetation, one of the reasons they like vegetation is because they can stay in that area and find a spot that has an opening into your home without you even realizing they are there. If you have plants that are close to the house or piles of leaves that are close to the foundation, then rodents will use that as an invitation to try to find a way to get into your home. Keep plants cut back, at least 2 feet away from your house, and clean out weeds and leaves from getting piled up around your house.

Check Home for Cracks & Holes Mice Can Use to Get In

You want to repair your home before the cooler weather. Rodents like to seek warmth when the weather starts to get cold and your home is a perfect place for that. You want to go around your home and inspect any weatherstripping, cracks, or any other areas that you have in your house that may let a rodent in. Rodents can get through very small areas, sealing any cracks and holes can help prepare you for the winter and keep the mice out.

Eliminate Rodent Food Sources

Mice love food, they will find any type of food and make a meal out of it. This means anything in the kitchen that is food is free game for them. Make sure that you have everything sealed in an airtight container. Check any bags and boxes and make sure there are no gnaw holes. Mice will find any type of food to eat make sure you do not leave trash out. They will find trash and eat it, along with pet food, or any other type of food that is left out.

Control Clutter

When you have a tidy house, it makes it harder for mice to find what they need to make their nests. Mice will use anything such as paper, fabrics, or any other soft materials to make their nest. If you have clutter throughout your house, then mice will find that clutter and will tear off what they need to make the nests. Keeping clutter under control can help eliminate the mice from taking over your living space.

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Mice need warmth and food to survive the cold months. If you are providing them access to your home and access to food, then there will be an infestation of mice in your home. It is important to take these extra precautions so that mice don’t end up in your home. But it does happen, and if you do have mice in your home, then give Effective Pest Services a call and they can come get rid of the rodents.

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