How Do I Keep Mice Out of My Longmont, CO House? Seal Entry Points, Hire a Rodent Exterminator & More

One of the pests that most people don’t want to see around and in their home are mice! If you happen to see a mouse on your premises, you are sure to have more that you cannot see. They are very timid and are always looking for a route to take that does not involve coming across people. They will stay behind the walls or in the attic so that they are not seen. Mice do most of their foraging at night when the house is quiet and the people that live there are usually asleep. When you start to see them around the house, the infestation is worse than you think. There are several ways that you can protect yourself from a mouse infestation and ways that you can have them treated and removed. Effective Pest Services outlines ways to prevent mice from getting into your home.

Clean Up Food Every Night to Keep Mice Out

The funny thing is that there is a children’s book that called If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, well they don’t need an entire cookie to make them happy. The story goes that a mouse will want more the more you give them and it all starts with an entire chocolate chip cookie! A mouse can be fed with a small crumb of a cookie so when you leave out a few dirty dishes or fail to sweep the floors you could be offering a feast to a mouse and his family. The best thing to do is to clean up all the food and dishes and sweep the floors. That will take away the draw for them to want to come in.

Seal Entry Points of Rodents

If you have any areas of your home that are exposed to the outside it could be used as an entry point into your house. These areas can be sealed up once you find them. There are gaps in the doors and windows that are easy for a mouse to get in. Once they are in they will usually find a space in the walls or attic that they will start to nest and live. You can look at the areas that need to be filled and use caulking to seal off any areas.

Call a Rodent Exterminator

The best defense you can have to take care of a mouse infestation is to have your home treated by a professional pest control company. Effective Pest Services can take time to treat your home and look for areas that are of concern. We can safely set traps or apply chemicals that we deem the best to treat the pest issue that you may have. Call us for all your rodent and pest control needs.

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