How Do I Pest Proof My House in Windsor, CO to Keep Bugs, Rodents & Other Pests Out this Winter?

As we watch the world around us change from fall to winter, many homeowners are going to be getting their properties ready for the cold season. There is plenty that needs to be done if you have trees on your property or any other fall projects that will need to be addressed before winter hits. Something that homeowners should add to their list of things to do this fall is to prepare their house for fall and wintertime pests. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips to help you prepare your house for fall and winter pests.

How Do I Prepare for Pest Control at Home this Winter?

There are several things that a homeowner can do to ensure there are no pests that get into their home this fall and winter. Following are some of our best tips to help keep your home free from pests this fall and winter:
– Check Siding for Gaps: There is a portion of your siding that should be checked every fall for gaps. This is the bottom of your siding where it meets your foundation walls. Using a mirror, check under your siding for any gaps. Make a mark where you see gaps so that you can come fill them in before pests find a way to gain access to your house.
– Seal Doors & Windows: This is a great time to check your doors and windows to make sure there is still caulking that is providing a seal from any pests. If you notice that the caulking has started to crack, make sure you are putting a new bead of caulk on these areas to avoid pests.
– Check Your Dryer Vent: Many homeowners don’t think about their dryer vent as an access point for pests. However, you need to make sure the damper on that vent is still in place. If it isn’t, there are many pests that will get into your house that way.
– Clean Soffit Gaps: All of the parts of your roof that overhang the edge of your house will be where the soffits are. These areas need to be cleaned and checked for any gaps that could allow pests and animals into your house. It can be a nesting nightmare if you don’t seal theses gaps.
– Copper Mesh: After you have finished your complete inspection of the outside of your house, you can fill any holes or gaps in the house with copper mesh. This will keep small animals and rodents out of your house this winter.

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If you are struggling with pests of any kind this fall or winter, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you get the problem under control. We will make sure there are no pests taking over your home this fall and winter with our pest control services. Call us today!

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