How Do You Get Rid of House Mice Fast in Your Fort Collins, CO Home Fast? House Mouse Identification & More

There are a number of species of mice that often find their way inside homes and other human structures. One of the most common mice species that we found inside homes is the House Mouse. House mice are often found inside homes. When there, they cause damages and even possibly, leave behind harmful diseases. Effective Pest Services will share more about the House Mouse and how you can control them from invading your home or business.

House Mouse Identification

When identifying a house mouse, it helps to know certain characteristics. House mice have short fur that can be either brown, gray, or black with a lighter colored underbelly. In most cases, it is white. They also can get as long as 7 inches including their tail. House mice are usually active at night and can be difficult to actually see at times. Another way to know which species of mice you have inside your home is by their droppings. The droppings of a house mouse are very distinct. They are capsule shaped but have points at both ends.

Where Do Mice Usually Live in a House?

House mice usually like to live outside in tall grass areas and use burrows as their shelter. However, when the cold chill of fall settles in, they will begin looking for better option than enduring the harsh cold of winter in a freezing burrow. As long as they find a warm enough place they will continue to breed and mate, even during winter. A female reproduces very quickly. A single female can have up to eight pups within twenty-one days of pregnancy. Once the pups are 6 weeks old, they reach sexual maturity and begin mating themselves. If a house mouse or mice gets into your home, you can easily be infested by mid-winter. A house mouse can enter a home through pipes, vents, or a gap in the window or doorways that are no bigger than a pencil.

How Can I Get Rid of Mice in My House Fast?

When it comes to controlling mice in general, the task is not an easy one. Mice can climb and squeeze through the tightest of gaps. They have the amazing capability to compress their bodies and squeeze through very narrow spaces. Not only will they climb all over you home looking for a way in, if they find a spot soft enough, they will chew their way through. Most homes have walls made of drywall. Mice can and do chew through drywall, creating passageways into and all throughout your home. Exclusion is one of the best defenses a homeowner has against mice. Exclusion starts with using a caulking glue or cement mix to seal the cracks or gaps around your home. Replace window screens and weather stripping around entry doors to help prevent mice from squeezing through them. Next, to keep mice out, use traps outside near the entry points around your home. You can use live capture or snap traps outside. Keep in mind, the use of poisons shouldn’t be used outdoors. If you have a mice infestation inside your home, poisons or bait are used along with traps.

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