How Do You Keep Bugs & Pests Out when it Gets Really Cold in Winter in Windsor, CO?

While most of the world looks like it’s sleeping during the winter season, don’t let that fool you. There are plenty of pests that are awake and still causing problems for many homeowners. When it comes to wintertime pests, your pest control tactics might look different than your summer pest control measures. There are several things that homeowners can do to ensure their home isn’t overrun with pests this winter. Effective Pest Services is here to share some tips that will hopefully help you keep pests out of your home this winter.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Following are some things that you can do to keep winter pests out of your home:
– Clean Kitchen to Prevent Pests: The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is also the place that winter pests are going to be most attracted to. This is because there is both food and water that is usually available in this space. When it comes to the kitchen, you need to make sure that you’re storing food properly. If there are spills, those spills need to be cleaned up right away. Homeowners should avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or on the counters over night as well. The garbage needs to be removed from the house nightly to avoid attracting pests.
– Home Repairs & Sealing: There are small repairs that might need to be done around your house that can make a big difference in pest control. Checking the seals around your windows and doors is a good place to start. You may have to replace old caulking that has started to pull away and create gaps. If there are any leaks in your plumbing system, make sure you repair them to avoid damage to your house as well as attracting pests.
– Remove Clutter to Keep Pests Away: Wintertime pests are almost always going to be attracted to areas that have significant clutter. This is especially true for rodents. Getting rid of clutter in basements, attics and garages can help you avoid an infestation.
– Exterior Maintenance to Deter Pests: Making sure that you’re taking care of your property outside can help eliminate the risk of winter pest infestations as well. Make sure you’re storing your firewood away from your house, clean up your landscaping and any fallen leaves or branches, and make sure your gutters have been cleaned out to avoid any pest problems.
– Pest Inspections: making routine inspections that look for pest activity can help you avoid major damage to your house caused by winter pests.

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If you have noticed that there is pest activity in your home or on your property this winter, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of them. We will inspect your home and property as we look for pest activity and then take appropriate actions to help you get rid of the problem. Call us today!

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