How to Avoid Stinging Insects this Summer in Greeley, CO; What Deters Wasps from Building a Nest?

One thing that many homeowners struggle with in the summertime is wasp nests. They seem to start to accumulate as soon as spring starts to get underway. Wasps are a danger to those they come in contact with because of their aggressive nature. This is why many homeowners want to keep them away from their homes and properties in the first place. There are a few things that homeowners can do to help protect their home and property from wasps this summer. Effective Pest Services is here to share our best tips to help you keep wasps away from your home this summer.

Different Types of Wasps

There is more than one type of wasp that homeowners need to be worried about. It is important to know what type of wasp you’re dealing with to help you effectively keep them away.
– Yellowjackets: These wasps will normally seek out old logs or other hollow and abandoned places to build their nests. These nests can also be hanging on the ground as well. Yellowjacket nests are going to only have one opening.
– Hornets: Hornet nests usually have many tiers inside the nest with a protective outer layer. They are usually built above ground, usually in trees, but at least 6 feet off the ground. They will also build their nests in other hollowed out areas that aren’t near ground level.
– Paper Wasps: What sets a paper wasp net apart from other wasp nests is that there isn’t a protective outer layer on the nest. The individual cells in the nest will be visible. They usually build these nests under roof lines and in other corners of the property. Common places include sheds, attics, and garages.
– Mud Daubers: These wasps are unique in that they will build a nest for themselves and themselves only. They are loners. These muddy nests are built in the ground or on the side of a building.

Tips to Keep Wasp Nests Away

While we might want to protect honeybees because of their essential role in our environment, the case isn’t the same for wasps. They can be a real risk to your home and family because of their aggressive nature. To keep them from nesting on your property you should follow these tips:
– Wasp Traps: There are some traps that have been designed to help keep wasps under control. Finding the one that will work best can be challenging.
– Close Gaps: If you have any gaps around your property that would be ideal for wasps, make sure you have close them to avoid nests being built.

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If you’re struggling to keep wasps under control, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help. We will get rid of any nests on your property and help you put exclusion measures in place to keep wasps away. Call us today!

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