How to Keep Pests Away from Your Home in Longmont, CO; Exterior & Interior Pest Prevention Tips

Insects, spiders and rodents have been notoriously known to bring some varying degrees of destruction, disease, germs, and bacteria, trigger allergies, induce asthma and create fear. With their insidious ways, pests intruding into your home is not ideal. The good news is there are things you can do to better safeguard your home against the filthy pests that have the audacity to intrude. We at Effective Pest Services have compiled a list of tips to better fortify your home against pests to avoid the negative impact they can ensue.

Tips for Effective Exterior Pest Control

Starting outside your house, conduct a full inspection from top to bottom and all around. You need look for holes, gaps, cracks, and other points of entry, including service vents and pipes. Appropriately seal and repair the fissures, and use appropriate products to install a barrier on vents and pipes. Repair any leaks that are providing a water source.
– Install or repair any window or door screens that are in need of attention.
– Manicure the yard by pruning trees, trimming bushes and hedging the grass away from the home. Most critters’ natural habitat is vegetation, keeping it away from the home helps minimize the wonder lust.
– Clean the trash bins regularly, but don’t stop there. For added protection keep the lids fastened.
– Avoid leaving pet food and water available 24/7.
– Reduce the clutter by cleaning up piles of materials. Things like firewood, bricks, and extra sinter blocks should be neatly stacked away from the home if possible. Everything else needs to be disposed of, donated or recycled.

Interior Pest Prevention

In a like a manner, inspect your home’s interior for any holes and cracks and seal them up. Install weather stripping if needed on windows and doors. Repair any leaky pipes or fixtures.
– Periodically clean trash bins and keep the lids fastened.
– Avoid keeping the pet food and water out 24/7 and ensure the pet food is stored in sealable containers.
– Clean out the pantry and cabinets where food is kept, disposing of crumbs and spilled food. Any food that is packaged in cardboard, paper or plastic bags should be relocated into durable and sealable containers.
– Clean out your home. You need to especially minimize the clutter. Pests are attracted to hiding places and materials they can consume or use to construct nests. Find places for everything and everything in its place. Remember the good rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in a 12 month period you most likely won’t need it. Recycle, donate or trash the things you do not desire to hold on to.

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Professional pest control companies are not only around to help people exterminate current infestations, but they also have maintenance programs that can significantly reduce pest populations from coming into your home. Effective Pest Services professionals have advanced training and years of experience. With our experience and professional quality equipment, tools and products, we can prove the pest control services you require, and tailor a maintenance program to deter the pests that are commonly found squatting in your home. Call us today!

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