Is it Bad if Mice are In or Behind Your Walls in Loveland, CO? How to Get a Mouse Out & More

During the holiday season, the last thing that anyone has time for is a mouse infestation. Unfortunately, it is not only the time for giving, but it is also the time for rodents. They are by far, the biggest pest problem during the winter season. One of the biggest issues that comes with these pests is their ability to get into the walls of your home and cause big problems. Getting them out of the walls can seem impossible. Effective Pest Services is here to share our best tips to help keep mice out of the walls of your home this holiday season.

How Do You Know if You have Mice in Walls?

It’s no secret that mice in your home is no bueno. They wreak havoc and can cause significant damage to your house. This can be especially true if they are behind your walls. Knowing the signs of these pesky creatures in your walls is always the first step in getting rid of them. They often get into your walls without you realizing it.
– Scratching Sounds: You can often hear something rustling behind the walls when mice have gotten back there. They will scurry about during the nighttime hours when they think everyone else is asleep. You might hear them running and jumping, squeaking, gnawing, or even scratching behind the drywall.
– Mouse Droppings: Another sure sign that you have a mouse problem is the presence of their droppings. Their small little pellet feces are often one of the first things that clues a homeowner into a mouse problem in their home.
– Rodent Damage: You might notice that there is damage around your house as well. Mice will chew on anything they can sink their teeth into from clothes to furniture and even the drywall that makes up your home. If you notice that there are chew marks in your house, you might want to call on the pros to come take a look.

How Do You Get a Mouse Out from Behind the Wall?

Once you have mice behind your walls, it can be difficult to get rid of them on your own. It often requires the help of pest professionals. Here are some of the ways they will lure them out for good:
– Home Pest Sealing: The mice got back there somehow, and the best way to get them out and keep them out is to seal up the entry points that gave them access.
– Rodent Traps: Another helpful way to get mice out is to strategically set traps that will capture them as they travel to and from their nests.
– Eliminate Food: Once their food source runs out, they have to move on and find somewhere else to go. They will survive off of little crumbs though, so you have to be vigilant.

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