Phil C

February 16, 2021

These guys live up to their name. We had a major mouse infestation in our house in Old Town Longmont. I set traps wherever there were droppings and the mice just kept coming. At one point it got so bad that we triple wrapped everything in our pantry that wasn’t in a jar or can. A neighbor recommended Effective. Their pest control guy came the next morning at the exact time they said he’d be here. He inspected the house, found the entry points where the mice were getting in, and set several different types of traps (the peanut butter traps were especially effective). Within a week, the mice were trapped and never came back. In fact, they did such a good job that they probably lost extra business at our house. They are super ethical, very reasonably priced, and a great locally-owned company vs. the big franchises that can rip you off. The owner, Steve, even checks back to make sure the mice haven’t returned. I’d recommend them to anybody with zero hesitations.

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