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DIY paper wasp extermination can be a nightmare — sometimes a very painful one! Let the paper wasp extermination experts at Effective Pest Services create a wasp extermination plan for your specific concern, infestation, and budget. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind you deserve and the unbeatable value of effective pest control.

How do I know if I have wasps?

Wasps, to the layperson’s eye, can sometimes be difficult to identify. They are often conflated with bees, yellow jackets, and hornets, due to a similarity in their appearance. Hornets and yellow jackets are actually types of wasps, and if we’re being specific, then the wasps we’re most likely to be experiencing in Tinmath are called paper wasps, a name they’ve been given based on the way they build their nests. Paper wasps are about one half-inch to as many as one-and-a-half inches in length.

Unlike most bees, their bodies are smooth, but, similarly to bees, hornets, and yellow jackets, they are black (or dark brown) and yellow in coloring, with alternating stripes in their abdomens and corresponding shapes across their thoraxes and heads. Their wings are a shade of brown and slightly transparent. The separate sections of their bodies are, for the most part, proportionate to one another, whereas the waist of the yellow jacket is considerably slimmer in proportion to the rest of its body.

Why do I have wasps?

In short, you more than likely have wasps because your home and surrounding property possess the ideal conditions for them to thrive in. Food, water, and shelter are all just about any creature needs to survive, and paper wasps are not an exception.

If your property is one that has standing water, then pests are going to be attracted to that area, and they will attract wasps, as paper wasps love to feast on nuisance and garden pests, beetle larvae, caterpillars, and other insects. Relatedly, if your yard is filled with flowering plants — both of the fruit and vegetable or decorative garden varieties — then these will also attract paper wasps to your yard, as they love to consume the pollen and nectar that these plants produce.

In terms of shelter, the eaves of your home, your decking, overhead plumbing, and tree branches create the perfect, out of the way of predators and extreme weather spaces for paper wasps to build their nests, which they do by combining their saliva with organic matter (such as plant materials and dead wood) to create a paper-like substance used to create the comb and covering for their colony to thrive within.

This colony, consisting of (usually one) queen, a small number of drones (male), paper wasp larvae, and many workers (female), is led by the queen who communicates with the rest of the wasps through pheromones, telling the workers where the nest should be placed, among many other directions. The male paper wasps exist specifically to mate with the queen. This is their only job. They are few in numbers and they die shortly after they mate with the queen. Workers do the majority of the grunt work. Not only do they build the nest, but they’re also responsible for its maintenance as well as its protection. Additionally, they’re responsible for important tasks like the gathering and distribution of food to the rest of the colony.

How do I get rid of paper wasps?

The simplest way to get rid of stinging insects like paper wasps is to remove the conditions that are drawing them to your home in the first place. If we can properly and reasonably address the food, water, and shelter variables that are attracting paper wasps, then we can confidently state that you can look forward to a paper wasp-free lifestyle with the right plan, treatment, and ongoing maintenance program.

Does your property have standing water on it? If so, that’s likely attracting a wide variety of nuisance pests. Paper wasps see these pests as a source of food, making your property a desirable place to build their nest. Remove the water and treat for those pests, and you’re making your residence that much less desirable to paper wasps.

Addressing the flowering plants factor is a little trickier. We’re the last folks who are going to dissuade you from growing flowers, having a garden, or having fruit trees on your property. Wasps can also play a key role in the pollination of these plants, so that’s why we tend to focus more on other nuisance pests as well as the areas where paper wasps love to build their nests.

Speaking of, if you have a paper wasp infestation, it is absolutely vital that you work with professional exterminators to 1) treat for pests and 2) to remove their nests. Because these pests act aggressively if they believe their colony is being threatened, relying on professionals for treatment and nest removal is a must. The paper wasp extermination experts at Effective Pest Services know how to diagnose, treat, and prevent paper wasp infestations.

Remember, these wasps are capable of stinging multiple times, which can be painful, and their venom can cause allergic reactions to many, sometimes resulting in the effects of anaphylactic shock. Should this occur, seek medical care immediately! Fatigue, swelling, fever, breathing difficulties and more can be caused by paper wasp stings.

How do I prevent them from coming back?

It’s our belief that the best pest prevention is based on an ongoing treatment plan. Once we’ve been able to address the primary infestation (or, in some instances, infestations), then it’s important to create a quarterly plan to treat the pests that are dead set on infesting your home and property. These periodic treatments disrupt breeding cycles and prevent new infestations from occurring before they can even begin. Our goal is to show all of our clients in Tinmath and surrounding areas the best value possible. That’s why our treatment plan comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Have pests returned in between regularly scheduled treatments? We’re happy to come back, free-of-charge! That’s our promise to you, and it’s just one small part of our breadth of service.


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