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Are you concerned that you’re experiencing a wasp infestation at your home or on your property? If so, we recommend seeking professional extermination services in order to ensure that you’re able to eradicate these pests safely and effectively.

Effective Pest Services is proud to provide Ft. Collins and the greater Northern Colorado area premier pest control services, including those related to wasps. Our team is celebrated by our clients for delivering solutions that are environmentally safe, efficient, and effective — all at the best possible value to you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

What are wasps?

Wasps are one of the most common stinging insects in North America. Often confused with hornets and yellow jackets, which are in actuality themselves types of wasps, these pests are more specifically known as paper wasps. Paper wasps are typically black and yellow in color, approximately 9/16th to 1-inch in length, and acquire their food from the nectar of flowering plants, or from other insects, including flies, the larvae of beetles, caterpillars, and other pests commonly found in gardens.

Their colonies include queens, female worker wasps, and males, called drones. The queen is the largest wasp in the colony, and their job is to lay eggs in order to grow its population. Worker wasps, all female, are in charge of building, maintaining, and protecting the nest, as well as procuring food for the colony, while the males are responsible exclusively for mating with the queen, dying shortly after their duties are fulfilled.

Though paper wasps can sometimes play a role in the pollination of plants through their consumption of nectar, their tendency to sting when they feel their nest is threatened means that paper wasps should be dealt with appropriately when discovered near your home or on your property.

How did I get wasps?

There are a few very basic reasons in which you have suddenly found yourself with a paper wasp infestation. One is that your property presents itself as a prime source of food for the wasp colony. Is your yard or property one that contains a great deal of flowering plants, any amount of standing water, or a variety of other insects that these wasps might want to feed on? If so then the colony perceives this place as an area beneficial to their growth. Secondarily, paper wasps love to build their nests in areas that are high and inconspicuous, like porch roofs, window ledges, and roof eaves.

Paper wasps get their names from the way in which they construct their nests. They take plant matter and combine it with their saliva to create a building material much like papier mâché that creates the exterior of the nest, with the interior consisting of several combs that open downward and house as many as two hundred wasps.

Can I exterminate wasps on my own?

In general, we do not advise that people treat paper wasps or other stinging insects on their own. Why? Because while there are many DIY products that the layperson can purchase at hardware or home and garden stores, these solutions tend to only superficially solve your problem.

A comprehensive solution to wasp control

If you want a comprehensive solution to your paper wasp infestation and a season free of stinging insects, then we would suggest that enlist the help of a professional extermination team, like that of Effective Pest Services. One of the most important factors in effectively removing a paper wasp infestation is by removing the nest.

Nest removal takes careful consideration and the appropriate tools and experience, because while paper wasps are not nearly as aggressive as yellow jackets or hornets, they will attack those who they feel are posing a threat to their colony.

The professionals at Effective Pest Services have the necessary know-how and tools to effectively remove both the nest and the insects from your property so you can enjoy your outdoor space without the risk of being stung by wasps. Because improper removal of these nests can sometimes cause damage to the home or building they are attached to, we take the time and effort to ensure a job well done.

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