What are the Most Venomous Spider Species Found in Greeley, CO? Black Widow, Brown Recluse & More

This is the time of year when you might notice spider webs popping up in the corners of your house. Most homeowners don’t want to deal with the headache of cleaning up after messy spiders, let alone the fact that they are creepy. While there are several spiders that don’t pose much of a threat to humans, there are a few different species that do. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about some of the venomous spiders that you might find trying to get into your house this fall.

What are the Most Venomous Spiders Found in Northern Colorado?

While there aren’t many spiders that will cause serious injuries in CO, there are still several that will attempt to get into your house. There are still a couple of them that you will want to watch extra close for since they are poisonous and will leave you with a painful bite. Here are some of the most recognizable spiders.
– Black Widow Spider: Most people know what black widows look like by their jet-black bodies and the red hourglass shape that is found on their abdomen. They are usually large with bodies that range between 1 ½ inches and 2 inches in diameter. Their bites are painful as well as filled with venom that can cause serious health problems.
– Yellow Sac Spider: These spiders are identified by their small, yellowish bodies. They have brown markings on the ends of their legs that make it look like they are wearing socks. Their bite isn’t going to lead to serious health problems, but will welt up.
– Brown Recluse Spider: This spider is extremely dangerous as its bite can lead to serious illness and even death. It is large and brown with a dark brown marking on its back that is the shape of a fiddle. They don’t like to be bothered and will often be found hiding in basements, attics and crawl spaces.
– Wolf Spider: A wolf spider is going to be quite large and while their bite might be painful, they aren’t poisonous. These beefy spiders are a lot more fierce looking than they actually are. Some people have reported that their bites feel similar to getting stung by a bee.

What Makes Spiders Go Away?

The main thing that needs to be done to help prevent spiders in your house is sealing. Making sure that there are no cracks or holes around foundations, doors, and windows can help keep them out this winter. Even after sealing your home appropriately, it might not keep them all out.

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The best way to make sure you don’t have spiders in the winter is with professional pest control services offered by Effective Pest Services. We will treat your home to ensure you aren’t sharing it with spiders this winter. It is our goal to keep your home free of pests as the weather turns cold. Call us today!

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