What Attracts Mice to Your Garage in Fort Collins, CO? Shelter, Food, Nest Materials & More

When it comes to mice on your property, there are many homeowners that will tell you that they struggle to keep mice out of their garage more than any other spot on their property. There are several reasons that mice would choose a garage to run to for shelter. Understanding what is driving them into the garage is the best way to prevent it from happening. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about mice in your garage so that you can hopefully avoid this problem this winter.

Why Do Mice Like Garages?

There is more than one reason why a mouse might choose your garage to build their nest.
– Shelter: Your garage might not be warm enough for your to comfortably live in, but mice find it practically perfect in every way. It is an ideal place for them to wait out the winter weather.
– Food: It might not seem like there would be a large supply of food in the garage, but mice can find even the smallest crumbs ideal during the winter season. There are also many homeowners that keep their pet food out in the garage which makes a nice snack for mice. If you have birdseed, that is going to appeal to them as well.
– Hiding: Many garages are filled with just the right amount of clutter for mice to happily build a nest that will go undisturbed. Boxes, old furniture, sports equipment, it all makes a great place for them to hide out.

How Do I Mouse Proof My Garage?

The best way to keep mice out of your garage to stop them from getting in the first place. Exclusion is always easier to do than extermination. Mice can gain access into your garage through even the smallest of openings. Not only that, but the doors to garages are often left sitting wide open. Here are some tips to help keep them out:
– Seal: You need to inspect your garage for places where mice might be able to get inside. They can get in through missing weather stripping underneath doors, small holes in the foundation, and any other gaps or cracks.
– Store Food Properly: If you happen to have any pet food or birdseed in your garage, make sure you’re storing it properly. You will need to put it in a sturdy plastic container to keep mice out.
– Secure Trash: Make sure your trash cans have tight fitting lids on them that will help keep your trash from attracting mice as well.
– Declutter: Clear away as much clutter as possible in the garage.

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If you are struggling with mice in your garage, you can turn to the experts at Effective Pest Services to help you get the problem under control. We will help you keep your garage rodent free this winter. Call us today!

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