What Causes Rat & Mice Infestations? How Do I Keep Rodents Out of My Old House in Berthoud, CO

When you purchase an older house, there are often problems that you might run into along the way that might be different from those that move into a newer house. There are often repairs and outdated systems that can end up costing the homeowner a pretty penny. One issue that is often prevalent in older homes is pest infestation, particularly rodents. This begs the question why? Effective Pest Services is here to talk about why rodents seem to love older homes so much.

Rodents are Getting More Intelligent

If you’re talking about a neighborhood where the houses have all been there for decades, rodents are going to know the ins and outs of the houses pretty well. They will have burrows that are well established and tunnels that allow them access to these houses that have the resources that they need to get through the winter. If generations of these rodents have stayed there, they will be more likely to avoid bait and traps as they can recognize that those are out of place. Getting rid of these smarter rodents can be a real challenge.

What Attracts Rodents?

Believe it or not, rodents don’t prefer to live inside your house. In fact, they will only go in your house when they need something. Most rodents are happier living their lives in the great outdoors. There are several factors that can come into play that will leave rodents looking for somewhere else to hide out, including your house:
– Freezing temperatures
– Natural disasters
– Drought or heat waves
– Land being developed
– Lack of resources outside & ample resources inside

Mice & Rats Can Gain Access Through Small Openings

What many people don’t realize is that these rodents can get through even the smallest of openings. Mice only need an opening the size of a dime to get into your house. Rats only need an opening the size of a quarter. By far, sealing up these openings around your house is the best way to keep rodents out. There are a few different things that you can use to seal up these openings including, steel wool, caulking, concrete and more. Closing these openings will help you get rid of the rodent infestation you’re dealing with.

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When it comes to truly getting rid of the rodents that seem dead set on infesting your home, you are going to have far more success when you’re working with a professional pest control company like Effective Pest Services. We are a local company that know the best way to eradicate the rodent problem you’re having in your home. We have the experience and the training necessary to outsmart these incredibly smart pests. You can rely on us to ensure your home is rodent free this winter. If you have noticed signs of pests in your house, call us today!

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