What Does Pest Control Include in Evans, CO? How Do I Prepare? What Happens when Exterminator Arrives & More

There are certain aspects to a professional pest control company that every customer should be aware of as part of a pest control service. There is more to a pest control company than for them to come and spray insecticides around your home and leave. For those who aren’t sure if they are receiving the proper service from their pest control company, Effective Pest Services will share what you should expect from a good pest control service.

How Do I Prepare for Pest Control?

Pest control companies will often share what preparation is needed before they arrive to receive the most benefit from a pest control service. For example, you will want as much surface area as possible for the pest technician to have access to. If pests can hide or are not exposed to the sprays, traps or baits, you won’t properly control your pests. Safety is another step. Pets should be removed during service so they aren’t exposed to pest control products. Additionally, food, beverages, prescription drugs and etc. should all be sealed or covered during the time of service.

When Exterminator Arrives

A pest control company should be on-time. Most will give a time range when they will arrive. If the pest control technician knows there is an unforeseen event in the scheduling they should call and reschedule instead of just not showing up. Professional companies should be courteous to their customers and the customer should understand that sometimes things just happen. When a pest control technician arrive they should be able to present company identification if asked and their equipment should look clean and orderly. Many will ask if or what pest is causing you the most problem so they can properly access the situation and give your home or business the protection it needs.

What About Before Pest Technicians Comes Over?

When you schedule a pest control service they will often before arrival, ask the nature of your pest control needs. For those who just want protection but currently don’t have a pest problem, the pest control technician will use his or her experience and understanding of the area to give your home the best protection. If a problem needs to be addressed such as rodents or bird control, they will come equipped with the proper tools and control methods needed.

Pest Inspection & Report Findings

For those who are unsure of which pest they have and just noticed damage left behind, unexplained bites or other pest related problems, most professional pest control companies will do an inspection of the property in and outside of the home and find the culprit(s). They then will properly address the pest problem. Pest control companies after an inspection should be able to present a report of their findings and what can or has been done to help control the pests. Additionally, there should be follow up treatment and inspection to insure the pests are being controlled. For those who schedule routine pest management services, your pest control company should come quarterly to maintain pest control. If the resident wasn’t at home during their visit, they should leave behind a record of their service and if needed, come back at a later time for a more thorough treatment.

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It is important to control pests. Many cause serious damage and spread disease. If you need a quality pest control service, contact Effective Pest Services. We will give you the pest management service you expect and provide you the peace of mind in knowing your home or business can be pest free. To begin your pest control services, contact Effective Pest Services today!

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