What is the Best Way to Prevent Summer Pest Infestations in Johnstown, CO? Routine Pest Control

Pests have plagued man since the beginning of time, or so it seems. Between insects, rodents and spiders, pests can potentially spread disease, cause pain, spread bacteria and germs as well as result in costly damages to your home. Hindering the creepy crawlers can help prevent infestations. Even if your home is in pristine condition, you can still have the occasional uninvited guest. But there are a few things you can do to help your home be less appealing to them. We at Effective Pest Services would like to share some tips and advice to help keep the little critters from wondering into your home this ssummer.

Interior Pest Prevention Tips

Take a walk through your home and inspect it. If you notice any leaky faucets or pipes, get them fixed to remove a water source along with damp conditions many pests find favorable. With any broken or loose tile around the walls, sinks or tubs, replaces them and seal the tile well. Your doors and windows should be adequate sealed, if you feel a breeze or see light shining through any gaps when the doors and windows are closed, repair it with weather stripping and caulk.
Kitchen – The kitchen is a prime location for insects and vermin. Clear out the cabinets and pantry. Clean up all spilled crumbs and food. Store your food in sturdy sealable containers. Avoid leaving food and ingredients in original packaging of paper, cardboard, and flimsy plastic bags. Pests can easily gnaw their way through those materials and contaminate your food. Clean trash cans throughout the home, and ensure lids are utilized.
Clutter – Every home has at least one common area, and more than likely many more. This area gets cluttered quickly with junk mail, catalogs, magazines, and other paper products. Linens and clothes don’t always find their way back to where they are kept, and piles of junk, sometimes organized, is stacking up. Insects and rodents can turn all these cluttered centers into homes or use the materials for building nests. Clear away the clutter, recycle, donate or throw away the things you simply do not need, use or desire.

Exterior Maintenance to Prevent Pests

Inspect the outside of your home. If you find holes, cracks and gaps on the exterior of your home, appropriately seal them up. Likewise if there are any service pipes, or exterior vents that are not adequately safeguarded to keep the critters out. Install screens on your windows and doors, especially if you enjoy allowing fresh air inside on nice days.
Outside Cleanup – Remove the firewood stacks away from the house if possible. Remove debris and waste and dispose of them appropriately. Ensure the trash cans have tightly secured lids, and clean them out from time to time. Hedge the vegetation away from your home. Prune trees, trim bushes, and clip grass to help hinder the pests from encroaching too close for comfort.
Routine Professional Pest Control – Having a regularly scheduled pest control maintenance service can dramatically reduce the pests from invading into your abode.

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