What Months are Wasps Around in Estes Park, CO? Queen & Wasp Colony Build Nests in May, Peak in June & More

As we start to feel the weather warming up, we can literally watch the world start to come alive. As the plants start to wake up, so do the pests. One of them you have surely enjoyed having a break from, stinging pests. Wasps are one of those insects that can make you miserable when they get out of control. It may leave you wondering when you need to start worrying about them again. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about wasps and what time of the year you can expect to see them start showing up.

Queen Wasps Wake Up in April

You can expect to see the queens start to emerge in the month of April. You have possibly already seen them start to show up around your yard this spring. You will notice that they are starting to build the nests for their colonies around this time. They build them out of chewed up wood fibers mixed with their saliva. She will fill this nest with the eggs that have already been fertilized since last fall. Once these eggs hatch, they will be infertile females that will continue to build the nest so the queen can lay more eggs.

Wasps Build Nests in May

The female worker wasps will be in charge of feeding the larvae that hatch from the eggs the queen laid last month. This will happen over and over again throughout the month as the worker wasps are constantly caring for the eggs that are hatching. They are working to build up the colony during this time. This will continue on all throughout the summer as well.

So Many Wasps in June & July

As this wasp nest continues to grow in size, you will see that the nest reaches its peak activity levels by June and July. There are hundreds and hundreds of wasps that have hatched and reached adulthood while they are still laying more eggs, and the colony is growing. The adult worker wasps are going to be constantly coming back to the nest to bring food. This comes in the form of other, smaller insects that can feed and help more wasps grow to adulthood.

Wasps are Most Aggressive in August, September & October

With wasp nests at their maximum capacity for a couple of months now, you will start to see wasp activity wind down. However, this is the time that they will be eating more of a protein based diet rather than sugary diet. You should be prepared to see more aggression from wasps during this time of the year.

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