What Pests are Active During Winter in Greeley, CO? Mice, Rats, Spiders, Overwinter Insects & More

While the number of pests you see in the winter might not look the same as it does at the peak of summer, homeowners need to know that they can’t let their guard down. There are still several pests that can pose problems for homeowners when pest control isn’t used to keep them at bay. Knowing what pests you’re up against is going to be the key to keeping your home pest free this winter. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about some of the pests you might see this winter.

What Pests Come Out in Winter?

The winter season is no time to let your guard down. You will find that there are still several pests that can be a problem during the winter months. Here are some of the most common winter pests that you should be watching for:
– Mice: One of the most destructive winter pests out there is a mouse. If mice get into your house, it can lead to a significant amount of damage. They can get into your home through even the smallest holes. In fact, even a hole that is the size of a dime is all they need to get inside. They can leave behind damage like chewed wires, nesting messes, risk of disease and more.
– Rats: Another rodent that you need to be concerned about is a rat. These pests cause similar damage to your home as mice will, but they are much larger. They will contaminate your food, leave behind significant messes with nesting and droppings as well. Both rats and mice breed like crazy which means that it won’t take long for an infestation to happen.
– Spiders: There is a reason that you see spiders all over the Halloween decorations. The fall and winter months are the most active times for spiders. Some spiders aren’t dangerous, but spiders like the brown recluse and black widow can cause serious injury with their bites. Spiders also leave behind messy webs that most homeowners don’t want to deal with.
– Overwintering Insects: There are plenty of insects like ladybugs, stink bugs, flies and others that won’t die off when the summer and fall seasons end. The will actually try to get into your home to buzz around the place and irritate you. They will also breed to keep their species alive when spring comes again. You don’t want to leave them to their devices.

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If you have noticed that there are pests in your home, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at Effective Pest Services to come help you get control of them. We will take care of even the largest pest infestations that you might be dealing with. At the first sighting of any of these winter pests, let us know so we can get rid of them. Call us today!

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