What Pests are Attracted to Moisture in Johnstown, CO? Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish & More

Everyone knows the summer brings bugs and pests out. But did you know moisture also attracts pests? Not just moisture that is outside but moisture in your home can attract pests and have them enter too. Why is this and what are the most common pests you will see? Effective Pest Services explores this further below.

What Sources of Moisture in the Home Attract Pests?

Many pests love moisture for a few reasons. It is their source of water, it is a great breeding ground and many pests require high levels of humidity to be able to live comfortably. Because many pests seek that moisture and humidity, it is important to know that pests will come into the home seeking that moisture. Some places in your home have more humidity and moisture than others. The Attic is one because of roof leaks or your HVAC system can leak. The kitchen and bathrooms are great places for pests to come and search for food and moisture. In the kitchen, you have crumbs everywhere plus the sink and fridge have water. In the bathroom, you have the toilet, sink, shower, and tub that can bring in moisture that pests love.

What Pests Attract Moisture?

Certain pests love water more than others and not only is it annoying fighting pests in your home, they can cause major issues. Some of these pests may include ants, cockroaches, silverfish, drain flies, earwigs, spiders, and centipedes. Why do these pests love moisture?
Ants – Ants love to find food sources, but they also will find water and take it back to their colony to give it to the queen. So, if they find a spot with moisture in your home it can become their new source of water.
Cockroaches – Cockroaches love to be in a damp environment. They can also hold their breath for up to 40 minutes so they can stay inside pipes. Cockroaches can go months without food. They just need a moist environment. Cockroaches are attracted to food and they can eat about anything, so a kitchen is a great place to find cockroaches.
Silverfish – Silverfish are never by themselves, if you see one there are a lot more around. They also like dark, warm, wet places. They do not like sugary foods, they will go more for paper goods or fabrics. You may often see them in the sink or tub drains in your bathroom.
Drain Flies – Drain flies also like wet environments. They will breed and lay eggs in stagnant water such as drains, toilet tanks, septic tanks, and soil that may have sewage in it. The best way to stop an infestation of drain flies is to maintain, clean, and have functioning drains.
Earwigs – Earwigs can’t live in a dry condition and they mainly eat mulch and leaves. If you find them in your home they are usually by the sink, drains, baseboards, or bathroom. Outdoors you will find them under the stone and mulch. The best way to keep your earwigs away is to keep debris and vegetation away from your home.
Spiders – Not all spiders love moisture, but there are a few that do. You will find these spiders in your attic, bathrooms, and kitchen. The best way to notice if you have spiders is by their spiderwebs.
Centipedes – Centipedes loves dark places. You will find them in bathroom or kitchen drains. They are nocturnal so you may see them more at night. Yes, they can look quite scary with that many legs, but you also need to be aware because they are venomous.

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To help eliminate these pests from entering your home, try to keep any moisture from building up in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas in your home. You can also call Effective Pest Services to come check out your home and help eliminate these pests before they make your home theirs.

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